A Super-Duper Free Printable Holiday Gift Tag Roundup

It’s almost time guys (not that you needed me to remind you or anything)! And if you’re at all like me (and more than a wee bit behind on the whole gift wrapping front) then this post is for you. I’ve put together a list of some of my new and past favorite free printable holiday gift tags created by a whole bunch of merry elves around blogland. Click the links below each preview image, download the love, and get wrapping. Don’t forget to bookmark your favorites for next year as well (a little ‘thank you’ comment left on the blogs of the generous folks whose work you love always goes a long way too. Let’s all keep the merry going).

  • Free gift tags by Camilla Engman (choose from three different sets).



Psst…I’ll be sharing a holiday gift tag freebie of my own with you in just a few (you know, just in case all of these options weren’t enough or something – wink). xo Ez

All images were created by the individual sites credited above.