DIY Festive Candle Wraps

Hello bloggy friends! Last December Victoria of sfgirlbybay sweetly invited me to create a special download to share with her readers. I thought on it for a bit and then ended up making a simple download for some printable candle wraps (used with battery operated candles). Scattered around a room or grouped together on a mantle, they are just the thing to add a little festive glow to your home over the holidays. And they are also ridiculously easy to accomplish. Hop over to sfgirlbybay for the free download.

If you don’t have a printer handy or perhaps you just swoon hard for anything with an air of vintage whimsy about it, then you might use Elena’s beautiful adaptation as inspiration for your own candle wraps. Simply collect up papers from around your home, wrap, attach with double sided tape and enjoy.

The first image was taken by me and the second image is by Elena. Please note that candle wraps should only be used with battery operated candles and never near open flames.