In My Imaginary Closet

Hello lovelies! Today I thought I’d put together a little virtual look for myself with pieces that I wish would magically appear in my sad little closet a.s.a.p. A girl can dream, right?! What’s in your imaginary closet today? It’s your dream, so the price tag doesn’t matter this time around! xo Ez

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  1. Looks Good To Me / / Reply

    I too am at odds with my skinny jeans these days! But, I agree, those Earnest Sewn ones look like they could be my saving grace.

  2. sarah / / Reply

    i want a pair of boots just like these too, please! and of course the earnest sewn jeans. and sparkly nail polish.

  3. erin lang norris / / Reply

    love that nail polish! i'm not a nail polish girl because it's so distracting…but i could get into something more muted like this one!

  4. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks for your great comments everyone. And yes, I will "share" my imaginary closet with those of you who asked. ;-) xo Ez

  5. Tracey / / Reply

    What a lovely collection … I love, love, love everything! :D

    I thought I was the only one with an imaginary wardrobe … it's nice to know I'm not alone in that! :)

  6. merlin513 / / Reply

    Love this colorway. I've favorited that t-shirt on etsy. Would buy it immediately but i've already spent an ungodly amount of money with etsy this week. ^_^ Maybe a late Christmas present?

  7. Anhdao / / Reply

    I go through design/fashion blogs ALL the time, all day everyday and I see so many compositions of "xmas want lists", "imaginary closets", "fave accessories of all times", "things i have to have", blah blah blah…. but THIS by far is the only collection I have seen in which I covet EVERYTHING! Very inspiring to see how this style is laid out with such a washed out color palette and touches of bold material contrasts. The palette is so delicate and soft/neutral but you counter that with the gold hardware and black leather and a raw indigo blue denim. Not to mention the taupe/silver sparkly nail polish which ties it all together!…I LOVE IT. Its the perfect play of masculine meets feminine. J'ADORE~

  8. Elizabeth / / Reply

    I would have jeans that actually fit in my imaginary closet. After giving birth all my old jeans are too small and of course my maternity jeans are way to big…I just keep hoping i will magically fit into my old jeans sometime soon.

  9. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks again everyone for your super comments! Reading them made my day!
    @ Anhdao – Your comment was so lovely. Thank you for taking the time to write such sweet words for me to find this morning.
    xo Ez

  10. Jen / / Reply

    You should call Boden and tell them they owe some money. I had to buy that coat after seeing it here…I've been looking for one everywhere. And it was on sale! YAY!

  11. lilnelie / / Reply

    I love, love, LUV everything in your imaginary closet! As for the skinny' jeans…just order them a size or two bigger ;) ….thats what I did n' it looks good on me w/o feeling a suffocating sausage :D

  12. anhdao170 / / Reply

    of course! You're so welcome!

    I wanted to ask, is there a bank for our acct in which we can add our fave articles into, such as this?

    I love so many of the boards you put together and would love to use them as inspiration.

    Keep up the very artful and beautiful collections!

  13. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks so much everyone!
    Anhdao170 – I don't have a blog-specific tool to help you save favorite articles, but I use to organize and store all my links. Another great source is – where you can save images from around the web and organize them with tags and into your own inspiration files.

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