Creative Inspiration: D.I.Y. Festive Lampshade Tree

I’m not sure if the original intention of this creative DIY project from IKEA’s SY – Sincerely Textiles book was for it to be used as a makeshift Christmas Tree, but that’s what it looks like to me…so I’m running with it. Wouldn’t this be such a fun sculptural statement in a corner. When hung from the ceiling it leaves ample room for Christmas presents underneath…and the wire lends itself perfectly for hanging ornaments, wrapping on garlands, pinning on cards and doodads (like pinecones), or otherwise festooning with holiday merriment. You don’t have to use fabric at all if you don’t want to. The best part is that lampshades can be found at flea markets and thrift stores for just a few dollars and the creative possibilities are as limitless as your imagination.

Other ideas:

  • Spray paint the metal frame in a vivid or metallic color.
  • Suspend a cluster of low-heat holiday lights in the middle of your “tree” for a warm glow (use caution if you will be including fabric on your frame, so that it doesn’t catch fire).
  • Attach layers of cut paper snowflakes or lacy white doilies to the outside of the frame for a delicate look.

Image by Marcus Lawett and SY – Sincerely Textiles.