Decorated Chalkboard Gift Idea

A few months ago I spotted several different sizes of mini chalkboards at my local craft store and knew I had to find a use for them. After thinking about it for a bit I decided to try my hand at adding a little decorative border to the boards using Sharpie brand Paint Pens. They were incredibly easy to make and the results were really cute. I used one as a gift already and have others set aside for use as photo props and impromptu art frames.

If you want to give this project a go, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Mini Chalkboards (the ones I used ranged in size from about 5×7 to 7×10). If you can’t find them in your local craft store they can also be purchased affordably right here.
  • Acrylic paint or stain for the wood frame (optional). I left mine bare.
  • Sharpie brand paint pens in desired colors (found at your local craft store). I used white, but there are a lot of options to choose from. Be sure to choose the water based variety – not oil based.
  • Chalk (optional). A nice add-on for gift giving purposes.

Creating your board:

Follow the manufacturer’s directions for prepping your pen. Using only a little bit of pressure (you don’t want the ink to leak out) begin applying your design. I chose a simple border of tiny dots for one side and a decorative looped design on the other. Don’t worry about making it “perfect.” The charm of this project lies in its imperfections. Allow the ink to dry completely, and you’re done!

Additional ideas:

  • These boards could be used in a charming way at a handmade wedding. Be creative!
  • Use your paint pens to write a permanent message or quote on your board (i.e. Please remove your shoes, or any other sentiment you’d like). The ink really pops against the black of the board.
  • Using hot glue, add small wooden clothespins to the wood frame to create a message center for writing notes and clipping ideas.
  • For gift giving – tie your board up with a pretty ribbon…be sure to include some chalk.

Enjoy! xo Ez