DIY Earring Straggler Gift Embellishments

Hello lovelies. Here’s another simple idea I was planning to include in Gifted Magazine, but had to cut because of time: Earring Straggler Gift Embellishments. I was actually inspired to create this project while walking past the discounted jewelry at Target. Most of the pieces were huge, chunky, dangly things – maybe not so easy to wear, but great for repurposing (and affordable too). Of course you don’t have to rush out to buy something new for this one, any earring stragglers will do (maybe you have some in your jewelry drawer or could find some at a local thrift shop). Look for dangly varieties with at least one small hole to thread your ribbon or twine through.

You’ll need dangly earrings, a pair of needle-nose pliers or wire snips, and ribbon or twine that will thread through your earring choices. Pre-wrap your gift with paper and desired ribbon or twine . Remove the earring hooks with your pliers or wire snips. Thread your earring onto the gift box and you’re done!

You can also use stud-type earrings to add sparkle to gifts. Pierce a single stud through soft material such a ribbon or a fabric gift bag, add a tag and you’re done. I used one on a bouquet a few years ago and the effect was really lovely.

If you use this little project as inspiration for your own gift wrapping projects I’d love to see the results! Have fun! xo Ez

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  1. heather / / Reply

    Oh, Ez!!! This is a beautiful concept. I love upcycling vintage jewelry especially. Last year I made little floral pins with outcast vintage beads, baubles and brooches. And this is just a stellar piece. thanks for sharing with us here, since it didn't make it in the mag! love the images too!

  2. Marchelle / / Reply

    Ya know, I've done something like this in the past, just 'cause I didn't want to throw away the charm or earring, but couldn't wear it … but, I must say, you always make the simplest idea so fashionable! Marvelous, Ez! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Caroline Landon / / Reply

    What a great idea! Especially since I've lost at least a dozen earrings over the years – where one just fell off my ear without my noticing. I haven't kept all of them, but at least now I'll know what to do! xox

  4. molly / / Reply

    love it, Ez! A few years ago, at Christmas, I topped my packages for the girls with vintage rhinestone pins, pinned through the ribbons. They looked like little snowflakes, topping white packages with blue ribbons. Everyone loved them!

  5. margarida / / Reply

    Ez this is truly genious! I come across so much cheap jewellery… now I know how I can use them! I think my friends and family will receive very pretty packages with the presents that I handmade for them!

  6. Felicity / / Reply

    I'm making a mental note of this. I always find earrings on the ground and feel compelled to grab them, but then I don't know what to do with them. Great idea! : )

  7. Stephanie / / Reply

    That's a great idea! I'll let you know if I use something like this, i do have some odds and ends floating around in my jewelery box!

  8. Charissa - The Gifted Blog / / Reply

    Smart thinking! I often see people suggest using vintage brooches or pins for gift wrapping, but for some of us, the bargain bin at Target is a bit more accessible. : )

  9. Miz.Jo / / Reply

    This is lovely. Its almost like getting two gifts when the gift wrapping includes a special little token. I found some gorgeous cheap snowflake ornaments that I plan on tying to my packages this year.

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