Color Crush: Cobalt & Cerulean

How are you today lovelies! It has been overwhelming (in a fantastic way) to read and see your response to Gifted Magazine. I can’t even begin to express what a relief and joy that is to me! Thank you so much!

I must admit that it is a bit tricky switching my brain over from full-steam magazine production mode to its regular blogging setting. But when I came across this stunning photograph by Aran of Cannelle Vanelle everything felt light again and I just knew I had to create a post around the magnificent cobalt color in her plate. Isn’t it exquisite?! For as long as I can recall, blue has been my favorite color. There is a depth to it that just soothes me to no end. Speaking of soothing, have you heard this song by Regina Spektor? Watching her sing/play live gives me chills – what a talent)!

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  1. Hannah B. / / Reply

    Cerulean blue has always been my *most* favorite color, although I'm not sure I've ever pronounced it correctly! :)

  2. courtney / / Reply

    What a gorgeous collection. It was topped off so perfectly with an amazing Regina Spektor performance. She's brilliant. I also get chills whenever I see a clip of her performing live (have you seen the one where she performs "statues" for the Obamas? – Amazing)

    Happy Tuesday.

  3. Miz.Jo / / Reply

    I was drooling over those cookies last night, myself. And now I'm drooling over those fabulous shoes.

    The magazine is amazing, by the way. I haven't gotten all the way through it yet, but I can't wait to get home so I can. I was so thrilled to see that you included my tip in the front! Yay! I am so excited and proud of you. It turned out even more beautiful than I could have imagined. Way to go.

  4. Jutta / / Reply

    I love Regina Spektor, she is an amazing singer. Would be great to see her perforn live some day.

  5. eliana / / Reply

    ♥ Regina Spektor, A few weeks ago he came to Argentina … was great!

  6. Erika at Delphine / / Reply

    Great colors. I just helped a friend paint her living room a color similar to 2nd from right. We pushed up her dark avocado/fern green desk against the wall and it was instant chicness. Those deep blue-greens are surprisingly versatile. I like them with gold, too.

  7. Daniela Jackson / / Reply

    I'm currently going over the magazine and it looks very good. It is also appealing to the eyes and complements the person's fashion sense. The palette is a stroke of genius, as I wonder what will be the next topic.

    Daniela Jackson
    Fashion Dresses

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