DIY Holiday Wreath Roundup

1. Wonderful X-Mas Wreath from Pickles

I spent some quality time with my good friend Google Search over the weekend looking for some inspired DIY holiday wreath ideas, and it turns out that there are a lot of clever folks out there (but we already knew that didn’t we). So I decided to collect up a few of my favorites to share with you all today (maybe one will make it onto your must-create list). I also hope you’ll swing back by tomorrow when I’ll share a wee tutorial I put together for creating a festive 5-minute wreath. Fun (and addictive – watch out)! xo Ez

2. Striped Plush Wreath from Smile and Wave 3. Wool Fall Berry Wreath from Martha Stewart 4. Pinup Wreath from Martha Stewart 5. Leaf Punched Wreath from Avie Designs 6. Fall Yarn Twig Wreath from The Spotted Fox 7. Simple Paper Punched Wreath from Craft Stylish

8. DIY Fabric Wreath from Emily On A Sunday

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  1. Miz.Jo / / Reply

    Thanks for this! I have been wanting a wreath and this is the perfect inspiration to make one myself.

  2. Zoe / / Reply

    I looove that Martha wreath with the pins for cards! I think it's one of my favorite card holder decor items ever. Great collection!

  3. dani kreeft / / Reply

    you're going to make me have wreath-fever! i love the card one…so cute. xo.

  4. danielle / / Reply

    I love that one with the clips for the cards!!! Brilliant!

    danielle @

  5. jenn / / Reply

    Thanks for this! It's my goal to actually MAKE a wreath this season. These are awesome options and are giving me some great ideas! :)

  6. lula honey / / Reply

    i love these. my most favorite is the pom pom one. i think the moose is like the icing on the cake :)
    thanks for sharing.

  7. Jessica / / Reply

    each one is so unique! I have never even attempted to make a wreath-something about it is so intimidating! I may try one of these though…thx!

  8. Erin / / Reply

    Lovely post. Thanks for the inspiration. I usually make my own wreaths and I think I'm overdue for a new one this year. :-)

  9. Dawn / / Reply

    Ooooo great collection! I have a heap of black and white houndstooth fabric lying around that may just be wreath-ed up… the b&w stripey one is my inspiration…

  10. Ez / / Reply

    Oh goody! I'm so glad you all found these to be as unique and inspiring as I do. Have fun holiday crafting! xo Ez

  11. Francine / / Reply

    I love that embroidery hoop plus clothespin idea, and I actually bought mini clothespins today! Also digging the fabric scrap wreath.

  12. Denni / / Reply

    Love these wreaths. I like vintage things but these modern takes on the traditional wreath are great! I'm going to try making the cloth one.

  13. Tali Schiffer / / Reply

    Wow they're all so pretty! I feel like I want to try and DIY them all!! Too bad we don't celebrate x-mas here, cause I sure love the decorations :)

  14. Suellen Lee / / Reply

    After looking over the options (of wreaths) I decided to try the 5 minute tinsel garland wreath. Wow! I used a pure white tinsel and made two small wreaths from an old wire hanger. Then I made large red tissue bows for each wreath and hung them in my kitchen window (actually attached each one to a slat of blind). They are adorable and actually did only take about five to seven minutes to make. They look so good, and as though they are dangling there on their own. Thanks for such a wonderful project!

  15. elle / / Reply

    what a beautiful inspiration for my work…each piece is original and delicate!

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