Inspiration Daily: 11. 08. 10

Hello lovelies. As you’ve probably already noticed, so many of my posts draw inspiration from specific color palettes (I guess that’s how my brain works first and foremost). I always enjoy putting my color crush posts together so much, so I thought I might start adding a little palette sample below my inspiration daily posts too. What do you think? Maybe the little snippets will inspire some great new combinations or projects in your world.  xo Ez

Image credits: 1. Entomology-69, 2. DSCN2834, 3. Little Bear, 4. soup

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  1. Jessica / / Reply

    fabulous! I do really like the color palettes–they really tie the collection together!

  2. Katie Bee / / Reply

    I love the palettes! I always notice the color themes to your posts, but having it neatly tied together like that is very helpful for my color-matching-impaired ways. thanks!

  3. Carolyn / / Reply

    Love your blog! so much lovelyness to take in! Especially love the addition of a colour palette in these inspiration posts…keep it up.

  4. marysia / / Reply

    It's a wonderful idea! You inspired the way I do my blog too. just stated 2 weeks ago:)

  5. Laura Faye / / Reply

    Your color palettes are the reason I first subscribed to your blog! I love this idea, I've already saved the two most recent because I want these colors in my new apartment. Thanks and keep up the beautiful work!

  6. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks so much for all the great feedback everyone! I'm so glad you love the color palettes as much as I do!
    Have a brilliant day. xo Ez

  7. katrina / / Reply

    i'm a colour lover, too, Ez. hey, have you heard of it's a social network for guest what? color lovers! it's a pretty cool site. you can create color palettes from images (uploaded or via url), create patterns, backgrounds, and even name new colors. and of course, it's a place to meet other color crazy folks like you and me. :) if you have an account or open an account, let's be friends. my user name is puglyfeet:

  8. katrina / / Reply

    oops… my whole point for commenting was to say: i love this palette and you do have an incredible sense of color. i love the addition of the color palettes in these inspiration posts.

    and your browse by color service? pure genius.

  9. Valen / / Reply

    THANK YOU for this! I am about to start with my new house decoration and these posts are really useful!! xoxo

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