Giveaway: New Mini Mae Fabric Home Decor Stickers

When I heard that Mae just released a wonderful new Mini Mae Collection of re-usable fabric home decor stickers I was thrilled.  My daughter and I personally own several sets of Mae stickers and are obsessed.  My daughter and I have had so much fun with the dress up dolls, it’s ridiculous!

All that being said, I’m super excited to announce that Mae is offering three lucky Creature Comforts’ readers a set of your choosing from their new Mini Mae Collection!  Read below for entry instructions:

How to enter for your chance to win: UPDATE: THIS CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED + COMMENTING IS CLOSED.

  • Visit the Mini Mae Collection on Mae and browse through their designs to find your favorite.  Come back here and tell me which one you’d like to win and where it will be applied in your living space once it’s yours.
  • Please be sure to include your first name AND last initial plus a VALID email address when commenting or I will not be able to include you in the final drawing when selecting the winners.
  • One comment per reader please (I do use IP tracking)
  • This contest will end Monday, February 1st and the winner will be announced here on Tuesday, February 2nd.
  • Best of luck to you all!

A big thanks to Mae for providing such a great giveaway prize!  Mae products are available for purchase in their etsy shop.  xo Ez

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  1. Rachel B / /

    I love the forest critters! I would put them above the headboard in my daughter’s bedroom. She would love them!

  2. Lola B. / /

    Oh, I just love the girly alphabet letters. I would use them to decorate my daughter’s bedroom door plaque.

  3. Stephanie J / /

    I love, love, love the deer and tree wall stickers. I would use them to decorate my nursury.

  4. Cheryl / /

    they are all just darling, but i love love love tattoo flash !!!!

  5. Laurel G / /

    Love the nautical alphabet set! I would use them on the chalkboard wall!

  6. Jen S. / /

    I love them all, but since I have all boys, I’m gonna go with the dinosaurs…

  7. helen h / /

    Of the mini ones my favourite is Up, Up and Away, definitely a romantic air to these images so why not a romantic idea too.

    I may well seek out the full size make a tree for my bedroom…i have a big blank wall (which too near the end of the bed for anything *fragile*) that is crying out for something like this!

  8. Crystal J. / /

    Definitely Tea Time! They would look fabulous in my cupcake themed kitchen!

  9. Ranu R. / /

    I really like the earthy forest critters! I would put them around my room (on mirrors, walls, furniture) and use them to scrapbook!

  10. Nancy D. / /

    My favorites are the girly forest critters…I’ve been collecting glass jars and I think they would look so cute on them after II spray paint the lids to match :)

  11. Molly Jean G / /

    i really love "Here Birdy" & would use them in my walk-in closet/dressing room – such pleasant images to start the day with!

  12. Zrinka B / /

    It’s hard to pick the favorite.. maybe the forest critters. We are planning to have another child and I am in the process of arranging the nursery and that would fit there perfectly.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Virginia B / /

    I love the mini tea set. I’d like to give it as part of a gift to my mom who is a tea afficionado and collects teapots.

  14. Ruth G / /

    i just love the mini Up, Up, and Away stickers. they will find a beloved place on my laptop. :)

  15. Olga RA / /

    I think the Tea Time set is so cute! it would look great in my room and add a sense of home-feel and color, since I’m renting for a short time while I study abroad and can’t make many major changes.

  16. jessicajane m / /

    I can’t choose!!! I would have to say I love the hot air balloons/cloud combo, and the girly alphabet….I would probably use them in my art journal or make something pretty to put on my wall. thanks mae for the giveaway!


  17. Jenna S / /

    I love the mini build a tree! And I would love to decorate my laptop with it:)

  18. Jordan / /

    I love the Tea Time stickers! I would use them to make notecards to give to my friends and family.

  19. Louise / /

    I really like the Tea Time Set… it’s too cute! I would love to decorate my white kitchen cabinets with them!

  20. Debbie / /

    I just love the build a tree and dinosaurs sets! My son would love those in his room, on his toy shelf, on his magnet board, anywhere!

  21. Kärt S / /

    I would most definitely go with the darling Tea Time set. I would incorporate them in small paintings which I’d use to add some sparkle to my (soon to be) a bit Alice in Wonderland-ish kitchen. :)

  22. anne keane / /

    I would love to use the Forest Creatures to decorate my boring plastic jewelry storage containers! How cute is the bird with the top hat!

  23. Anne W / /

    I love them all, but would have to choose the Build A Tree for our nursery.

  24. Anita M / /

    They are all so sweet, I really like the forest animals in the girly colors.

  25. Jaclyn Bower / /

    Tattoo flash – and I would put them anywhere my tattooed finance is :) Thanks for the chance!

  26. Kate M / /

    What a generous giveaway! My favourite is the Up, Up and Away set, but I’d be happy with any of them!

  27. Jeannie C / /

    Build a tree on my white MacBook… I’ve been looking for something cute & pretty to decorate it with!

  28. Melissa H / /

    Forest Critters! I would decorate the wall above my baby girl’s changing table so she has something to look at during diaper changes.

  29. Amanda K / /

    I LOVE the forest critters(girly)….I would use them in my room:)

  30. Loni S / /

    I would love the forest critters (girly) one for two reasons. 1) My vintage store is Fluffy Pink Bunnies and there is a pink bunny :) 2) These would be the perfect finishing touch on the vintage Lace and Button collage I’m making!

  31. Kate B / /

    I love the forest critters (though I can’t decide yet between neutral or girly). I would love to give them to my niece, maybe I could talk my sister into putting them along her changing table for now. She’s just learning to recognize shapes and reach for them, I want her to love animals as she grows up!

  32. Rose / /

    I love the cat set! It would be perfect for decorating my new apartment, as soon as I find one that will let me have cats!

  33. Christine / /

    Oh my, do we have to choose just one?! While I totally and completely love "Up, Up and Away" and "Tea Time," my favorite has to be "Forest Critters"…girly, of course!

  34. Christina / /

    There is a vintage apricot crate in my babies room, holding books and toys, that I have been thinking about decorating. I would like it very much if the forest critters would like to come and help me.

  35. Agustina A / /

    I love tea time set, the patters are so cute! I would use it in my recipe´s book.

  36. Anne H. / /

    I’d love the Build a Tree sheet so that I could decorate my Macbook just like the one in the photo. So beautiful!

  37. Megan C / /

    I love the nautical alphabet. I am thinking up lots of crafty ideas for a framed message for my upcoming wedding.

  38. Emily S. / /

    These are absolutely lovely!!! I love the up up and away ones. I would definitely create a lovely little scene on my macbook, since I rent it has to go somewhere that is not a wall. Or I might create a scene on my fridge. Oh the ideas are endless!!

  39. Marisa K. / /

    I would love the "here birdy" set!

    I’m renting my home and it’s a constant struggle to come up with creative ways to decorate that aren’t permanent. My most recent project is my kitchen. All the cabinets are bright white and there’s a tall cabinet next to my back door where the sun shines in that would look adorable with the kitties and birds on it! I particularly love the idea of the "here birdy" set because I am allergic to kitties but love them . I just reluctantly gave up a sweet kitty cat who spent the last few weeks living on my back porch looking through that very same back door while she waited for me to locate a family for her! A kitty on the cabinet would be a nice way to remember the pet I almost had (::achoo!::).

    I am ALSO Australian made (although I live here in the states) – just like all of Mae’s products – so the set has extra appeal for me!

  40. Micayla M / /

    Oh my how can you make me choose…………..I love the forest critter’s ideal for my little girls bedroom or the girlie alphabet which I would use to make a sweet saying in her room or my bedroom.
    Thanks for a super sweet giveaway, I will have to put these down on my wedding list.

  41. Kelly S. / /

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway! So hard to pick one but I think I’d go with Tea Time, as I have some plain white kitchen cabinets that would be the perfect canvas for these little pretties. It would so brighten up my kitchen AND my day! Cheers!

  42. Sarah S. / /

    I’m a big fan of the Up, Up & Away collection. I’d love to be able to decorate some of my folders and notebooks as they’re all fairly blah, but my Mac could use a little whimsy too!

  43. Nikolett J / /

    My favorite collection is the "build a tree". It would be perfect for a new spring-themed picture…

  44. Laura / /

    my favorite is forest critters!!!

    in fact, i love all of them!!!!!!

  45. Kelly J. / /

    I adore Mae’s work! I am dying for a set for my daughter’s room! I looove the girly forest critters! Too, too cute! Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. emeline villedary / /

    I would get Tea Time and use it in my new sewing lounge that I’m opening in March… in the little cozy couch/coffee section! Eek, can’t wait!!!

  47. Abby K / /

    My son and daughter would treasure their reading nook even more if they had some hot air balloons to transport them away. We could decorate it together! We love the Up, Up and Away stickers.

  48. Meg / /

    They’re soo cute! Love them all! Want them all! :D

  49. Megan M / /

    Wow! I can hardly pick. If I had to, I suppose it would be the Up Up & Away! My new husband and I just created a Dream Board and these would be perfect to keep our head in the clouds!

  50. Jane T / /

    The one I would pick is "build a tree" and would put it on my bedroom wall. I love that tree.

  51. Samantha B / /

    I love the forest critters! My daughter’s room is "woodland" themed & these would be amazing in there.

  52. mon ami / /

    these are way too cute! I would definitely choose the earthy forest critters. I would put them on my sewing machine, or use them to decorate a pin board, or make a forest scene for my daughter’s room, or maybe even let my daughter play with them (maybe).

    thanks for sharing

  53. Chelsea S. / /

    I’m loving the up up and away collection — I wonder if they would adhere to a linen canvas? They’re so pretty, I’d want to display them as art… +Chelsea

  54. Jen W / /

    Love the Twitter birds … they’re too cute! Her stuff is adorable.

  55. Megan Dunford / /

    I adore the up, up, and away collection! The little hot air balloons just kill me. I would definitely be using them at my work space – probably on my computer and a few notebooks. :) Thanks for sharing!

  56. Lindsey E / /

    Oh how to choose?! I would have to say my favorite collection is the earth forest critters. While I love the idea of jazzing up my laptop with them I would probably use them all over the house. Perch a could birds on the brand label on the refrigerator. Embellish my desk with the charming deer. The bunny would be perfect on the tin I use to hold my rabbit’s food!

  57. tess / /

    These are gorgeous. I love the girly forest critters. I love the idea of putting them on my computer, or maybe on my door? Tough decision

  58. Melissa / /

    It’s a toss up between the dinosaurs for my little boy or Up, up and away for my hot air balloon loving daughter. I would have to make a special box for them to put these stickers on. They are all so cute!

  59. katja / /

    I fell in love immediately with *girly forest critters*. They are just so colorful, playful and kind of soft. :) I would use them as a decoration on my laptop or fridge. Hmm, or wall or moleskine journal/planner. :)

  60. thewatergirl / /

    I love the Dinosaurs, but I’m pretty sure Up Up and Away beats them. Well…no maybe the dinosaurs win…wait…do I have to choose?

  61. Breanne L / /

    I love them all.. but I’d choose the Here Birdy one, and put it above my bedroom side-table. LOVE them. :)

  62. Rosa N. / /

    I’d like if possible but unlikely to get "Tea Time", I have this fascination with tea pots and cups. :)

  63. Leslie S / /

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the forest critters (earthy). Oh how cute! I would apply them around or next to my built in book case in my living room. They would match our house so well as we live out in a cabin in the woods.

  64. Nancy Cook / /


    I like the forest creatures (girly)
    I would put them in daughters room.
    She is turning 2 soon and loves all of these animals especially bunnies.
    I hope I win

  65. Lindsey / /

    I love so many of the designs, including the Russian Dolls but if I won I think I’d choose the mini forest critters and stick them on my laptop…I use it so often that it would be great to see them so often.

    Thanks so much for the chance!

  66. Amanda O / /

    Oh!!! I adore her work! I love the forest critters (girly) set soooo much!!

    I would put them up in my craft room for inspiration!

  67. joanne w. / /

    i love, love, love the girly forest critters! i’d definitely put them in my daughter’s room as we are currently (finally) starting to decorate in there! thanks!

  68. Rachel M / /

    Oh wow, they’re all so cute! I definitely love the tea set. I love tea, it suits me perfectly. There are so many places I could put it, but I think the ideal spot would be on the blank wall above the bench where I make my tea.

  69. Heather S / /

    I adore the ‘alphabet (nautical)’ set! I would put them in my daughters room, she would LOVE them!

  70. Shelby A. / /

    I absolutely love the girly forest critters, and would display them on a canvas hanging in my daughter’s room–so cute!

  71. Clara B. / /

    Up Up & Away is my particular favorite, although it wasn’t easy to choose. I love the idea of dressing up the cover of my MacBook Pro, but I can also see the adorable fabric stickers on the white board in my studio. They’ll be a reminder to reach for the skies every time I set foot inside.

    Thanks so much for this giveaway.

  72. Nicole J. / /

    I love tea time! and i would use them on my boring white cupboard doors in my laundry room to make me smile every time i have to go in there..

  73. Jamie H / /

    They are all darling! I would love to have the girly forest creatures! Thanks so much!

  74. lesley s. / /

    these are sooooo gosh darn cute! i need the "tea time" stickers… i think i would stick them on my wall near my computer to remind me to take a break and have some tea every now and then :)


  75. Melissa Allam / /

    I love the tea time and the up,up and away collections. I think they would look so cute on my laptop.

  76. Nicki Schmidt / /

    I would put the alphabet (girly) on gifts and cards I make for friends throughout the year. Or possibly use them to label containers. Or both.

  77. Clémence H. / /

    I really love Mae’s work. I think i would choose the "up up & away". I would use it to decorate the baby’s crib. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway !

  78. Cassey C / /

    I want the forest critters. They are so cute and they’d match perfect in the room I’m doing.

  79. dotdotdots / /

    Love the MINI Teatime to put on my laptop…so creatively beautiful.

  80. Patty L / /

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway! I love all her products and had a hard time choosing just one. However, Tea Time is hands down my favorite. I would put them up in my tiny but cozy kitchen. The kitchen is painted a buttery yellow. So far, the walls are blank, and I’ve been looking for something to decorate the walls with! My husband and I are big tea drinkers, and it would fit so perfectly in our little home.

  81. Mara / /

    I love the alphabet (nautical) stickers. I would use them for my son’s nursery.

  82. Kyra K / /

    These are such a great idea! Especially if you live in an apartment and aren’t allowed to hang pictures or use blutac. I’m definitely going to be giving these as gifts this year and I would love to have the girly forest critters for my bare bedroom walls.

  83. Amy F. / /

    Oh my gosh – those are the cutest! I would totally love the forest critters earthy and I would use them in my daughter’s room!

  84. Samantha Y / /

    These are beyond adorable! I love "Up, Up and Away" and I’d use them to decorate my computer so that when I’m swamped with work, they can help me escape into another world. ;)

  85. Melody Lai / /

    I love the up up & away !
    I would put it on either my laptop or something that I know I will have for a very long time because it’s just too nice to use on something I would just throw away.
    However, I would debate on putting it on my wall because I am moving soon, so I wouldn’t think it’s worth it.

  86. Amanda W / /

    I love the mini build a tree. I would use it on my daughter’s table.

  87. Jennifer S / /

    Up Up and Away!!! On my dresser. Then on the wall. Then anywhere else, since it’s re-usable =)

  88. Lindy T / /

    I definitely love up up & away. I’d love to put it on the wall above my study desk, because it would totally remind me that there is more for me out there in the big wide world. It really does give you that whimsical feeling… =)

  89. dapan / /

    i like the tea time set. i would like to use them in my breakfast area.

  90. Nicola B / /

    I’d put Tea Time on my brand new laptop, my old one was decorated up to the hilt but I haven’t started on this one yet.

  91. Julia N. / /

    I would want the dinosaur set to decorate some bins for my little boys room. He will grow to love the dinos when he is old enough to know what they are!

  92. alli b / /

    i love the forest critters. Not sure if I like the girly or earthy ones better. tough call.
    great giveaway.

    alli b

  93. Elissa C / /

    These are adorable! I would use the Up Up & Away set to create an artwork for my sister’s nursery and also to embellish the cover of my cloth-bound journal.

  94. Pins + Paper / /

    These are so lovely! I’d love to enter :)

    The Up, Up and Away laptop sticker is adorable!

    ~ Kristen Hodges

  95. Emily R. / /

    I love the here birdy stickers! Perfect for the kitchen where the cats and I watch the birds. Thanks!

  96. Natasha M / /

    I would use the girly alphabet to spell out my daughters’ names at the foot of their bed. They share a room and keep trading beds, but I wonder if branding them with those adorable Mini Mae stickers might keep them put! xo

  97. Katie B / /

    I think the Tattoo Flash is just adorable!

  98. Danielle C. / /

    I would love the build a tree. I would place it on my laptop because it desperately needs to be decorated!

  99. Tabitha / /

    wow! its all so gorgeous!! my favourite is the up up and away. though its hard to choose as they are all so sweet :) I’d love to decorate my mac book and my holga camera

  100. Lauren Blitzer / /

    I adore Tattoo Flash – I’d put it on my laptop! (I’m an MBA student, so my laptop is my life right now….)

  101. Amanda T. / /

    Everything is adorable. My favorite is the build a tree — perfect for a nursery.

  102. Jessa P. / /

    I love the girly forest critters. I’m just about to start decoratng my girls’ room and this would go perfect!

  103. Abbey.S / /

    I am totally in <3 with the girly forest critters… these would look perfect on the ikea drawers that I just painted for my studio.
    A little cute girly accent that will add some personality.

  104. katrina / /

    my favorite is the earthy forest critters set!
    if i won, they would go on my laptop or in this small space above my bookshelf where i need some pretty decoration!

  105. Emma Anderton / /

    I love the ‘Forest Critters – Earthy’, so so cool, and I’ll put them in my office so they could inspire me (and I could play with them) all the time! Love your blog, read it all the time. :)

  106. Victoria Sturdevant / /

    The dinosaurs would be perfect for my grandson’s room. He loves it when we hang things in his room!

  107. Natalie E / /

    So hard to chose. I love the earthy forest creatures. I’m starting to imagine a card set I could make with them.

  108. june g, / /

    omg, where have you been til now!! i love the build a tree and it would be beautiful in my daughter’s room. plus my middle name is MAE:)

  109. nicole I / /

    oh the build a tree and the forest creatures are equally delightful…perfect for my daughter’s room…or my kitchen!


  110. Ting Bresnahan / /

    Love these! I would pick the dino’s – perfect to decorate the doors in my 8-week old’s nursery.

  111. Connie T / /

    Definitely love the girlie forest creatures the best.

  112. lindsey m / /

    all so very sweet, but i particularly love Up Up & Away. i think this would look lovely around the head of our bed, or maybe around the edges of a mirror.

  113. Whitney G / /

    i love love LOVE the mini build-a-tree. i’m in grad school and a little whimsy on my laptop would be the perfect thing to brighten up a long day stuck in the library!

  114. amanda / /

    I soooo would love to have the Forest Critters (girly) set. I would just adore these stickers on my wall, right above the molding along the floor in my small hallway. It will look so cute paired with my shabby chic artwork on the walls. : )

  115. Meisha H / /

    Oh, I am in LOVE!!! I saw this post this morning and knew it was the first thing I had to do when I got home from work!
    I really adore the girly forest critters…that little deer is so dear! I would have to keep a few pretties for me and the corners of my cupboard doors, but I would be so delighted to add a few to little packages for my penpals, too : -)
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed!!

  116. Katie Holeman / /

    I am in love with these! The alphabet stickers are so cute. So many possibilities!

  117. Jaclyn M. / /

    They are all too cute, but I would pick the earthy forest critters!

  118. Emily / /

    I love the tattoo flash! I would use them in my new office space to jazz up my craft table and sewing machines.

  119. Casey L. / /

    My favorite is definitely Up Up and Away. Very cute designs.

  120. Latiesha D / /

    Tea Time looks like an absolute delight!! I’d have so much fun with it! I’d put it on my Apple Macbook.

  121. Sarah C. / /

    I’d love to add the tea time set to my collection of Alice in Wonderland inspired goodies. If I win, they’ll go in my bedroom!

  122. Sarah Danenhauer / /

    I love the Forest Critters girlie! I would use them in the nursery for the little girl that I am longing for.

  123. Soraia G. / /

    oh i am in love with the up and away sticker set! i would put it on my laptop!

  124. suzy b. / /

    Ohhh… I really love the "build a tree" set! I’d like to use it to do a family tree thing. So cute.

  125. Mallory M / /

    The Up, Up & Away Set! I’d arrange the stickers around the mirror in my room, so I could smile at them whenever I went over to take a peek.

  126. Laine / /

    Oh my – these are absolutely gorgeous..!

  127. Kirsty D / /

    Oh they are all so cute! I am in love with the Build A Tree – how gorgeous and whimsical

  128. Lana C. / /

    I would love to incorporate the Forest Critters (Girly) design into a collage that I would frame and put up as artwork in my daughter’s nursery.

  129. Marta B / /

    "Here Birdy" is my favourite. I have two cats that spend each morning staring out the balcony window watching birds feed from the feeder I put outside. I would put the sticker on the wall by the window, it would look so cute!!!

  130. SARAH A / /

    "tea time" will be just fine on my tea seating corner…
    but all are great, congatulations Mae.

  131. Kellie M / /

    Oh! those gorgeous tea pots, cups and cupcakes from the Tea Time sticker set would look so perfect on the wall in my daughters play kitchen. She serves the most wonderful imaginary tea and cupcakes from there. x

  132. noa danon / /

    Thank you for introducing those sweet fabric stickers to me :)
    I would love to have the "dinosaurs" set, I would use them next to our working area (dinosaurs are a private joke in our home..)

  133. Kylie W / /

    What a lovely giveaway!

    I love the mini forest critters, I think I would stick them onto a canvas for the wall. Just so pretty and girly!

  134. nookie / /

    my fav are the up up & away ones:x
    I would stick them on my laptop,maybe it will fly:))

  135. aimee v / /

    the girly alphabet letters! they are so cute! i would plaster them over my walls in all different kinds of combinations of words :) a different inspirational word for every day :)

  136. A.J. Robertson / /

    the tea time set!

    who can resist "extra drops of tea"?! certainly not my 2 year old daughter, who was born with a crumpet in her hand!

    they’d find a very happy home on her bedroom wall…

  137. Diana B / /

    I love Up up& away. It remembers me the ease of summer rain.

  138. vera b / /

    the build a tree would look positively delightful on the small wall next to my desk, with my other little inspiring pieces.

  139. AnastasiaC / /

    Tea Time is a treat!! love it!!
    id put them on biscuit jars or glass jars where I store my teabags and sugar! cute!!

  140. juliette r. / /

    I love the mini teatime set! I went in looking for something for me, but honestly, this is just too perfect for my darling niece. She received her first tea set over the holidays – super cute – and my sister and I have been working on getting my niece’s room all girlied-up. She has blue walls and we’ve just been adding pink and white everywhere. She has a big white Malm dresser, and these would be perfect to soften the dresser’s modern lines!

  141. bianca stella / /

    they are all so sweet, if i had to choose one, i would go with the twitters for girls, would love this in my bedroom :-)

  142. Emelyne H. / /

    I love the girly alphabet and I would use in in my bedroom walls =)

  143. Merve / /

    Oh,I would like to have Forest critters(girly) :) i would be so pleased and would use them in my pastel craft
    room which is full of dots ands flowers print.. :)

  144. Kristin E. / /

    Hmmm, there is so much good to choose at that Mini Mae Website, but my favorite is the Forest Critters set (girly). It´s so airily, happy looking. If I could, I´d glue them onto my forehead to make me smile first thing in the morning when I glance in the mirror (mirrors do get better, as the day goes by, but they are horrid to look into in the mornings). Or I´d put them on cardstock and frame them to put on the wall. They are simply to cute to not see them all the time!
    Keep up the great blog and especially those awesome photograph constellations… love the inspiration and color moods!!!

  145. MARTA S. / /

    Here Birdy, Absolutely. I would decorte my laptop, to carry my cat allways with me.

    Thanks for the oportunity and Congrats to Mae for her lovely work

  146. Irine G. / /

    I like "here birdy" because of the nice colors and lovely cats. I’ll put it in front of my bed, so it will make me happy every nasty morning.

  147. Marloes v A-J / /

    What a great give-away, thanks!
    I really like Tea Time!!!
    I would put them on the windows of my kitchen cabinet!

  148. jennie b. / /

    i luv here birdy…
    and i think my little too kitten-boyz would, indeed! thats why i would place them next to their little den on a vanity mirror.. lovely^^

  149. Paula / /

    My daughter would ADORE the forest critters. She’s a fool for reusable stickers.

  150. Meredith B. / /

    Love these! I adore the little teapots. I live verrrry far away from my best girlfriends and I’d use these to decorate little notebooks to send to the girls!

    Thanks! :)

  151. Jennifer J / /

    These are all LOVELY! The Tea Time set really my favorite though. I would probably arrange the pieces on a canvas and place it on my yellow breakfast table, next to the basil plant. :D

  152. dana / /

    i LOVE up up and away!!! so cute! i would put these on our little one’s toy chest!

  153. Nicole C. / /

    I love the Up, up & away. I think I’d have a hard time not sticking them everywhere!

  154. Crissy R / /

    I’m in LOVE with the tea time collection!! Especially because it has CUPCAKES with it! <3<3<3
    I think I would put them on my kitchen cabinets which are all white. And the sticker colors go perfectly with the colors of my kitchen!

  155. Rachel / /

    so darling! after much deliberation & clicking, i think i would choose the girly alphabet and spell out things in various places in my 2 1/2 year old’s room. they are BEAUTIFUL. so soft & pretty!

  156. DJ K. / /

    i LOVE how the laptop was decorated. such a good use of white space :)

  157. Michelle D / /

    What a generous gift and I would love to have the Build a Tree on my Mac! Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  158. Vanina I / /

    I love the "up up & away" set! If I win it, I’m gonna put them on my laptop so that I can look at them all the time. i [heart] clouds :)

  159. Melissa C. / /

    My latest obsession! I ‘m at work, but I can’t stop looking at all of the cute little woodland creatures…my daughter will go nuts when she see’s these!!! and the best thing is playing with these doesn’t require double A batteries. Must pass this on:)

  160. kelly m / /

    i completely love the tea time set!! i love love tea, and those are so pretty!

  161. Erika H / /

    I absolutely adore the teatip sets! I want the laptop mini sets and the wall size for my kitchen! They are fabulous!

  162. Kerry B / /

    My son just recently became enamored with dinosaurs and know that we would have a lot of fun putting those cute stickers all over the house and probably on some of the cats!

  163. Leah J / /

    I love the Up, Up, & Away. And the Forest Critters, earthy is my second favorite! I’d use either one to decorate my journals.

  164. Tracy M. / /

    oh, I love the earthy forest critters! they would be perfect for our office/living room space — its a bit of a blank slate at the moment. **crossing my fingers!**

  165. edina t / /

    Love the "Up Up & Away" set! I think the stickers would look great on our laptop.

  166. Cara Bach / /

    i loved the mini maw site – thank you for sharing!!! so hard to pick…. forest critters earthy would be perfect for my little girls room. she is all about animals and faries right now so this would be a great match or in her little corner where her child size roll top desk is located by mamas big desk…hmmm. the possibilities are endless!

  167. Brooke R / /

    I love the Dinos! I have been looking for a great journal/notebook for my little boy and I would love to decorate one myself for him.

  168. Sarah / /

    I love love LOVE the girly Forest Critters. I’ve been coveting the large set for some time, but with our small bungalow, we would be hard pressed to find a large enough open wall in either of my daughter’s rooms. Now with the SMALL set, it would be easy to find a little corner where the girls could sit down and play.

    Love it, thanks. xo

  169. Eunice W. / /

    The Tea time decor stickers are what i would like to use. they look super cute :) i would definitely want to put them in the living room,where my aptmates and i live, so everyone who visits can see :) also because many of us lovee drinking tea and we get really excited when we decorate our place w/ cute items :]

  170. Eunice W. / /

    The Tea time decor stickers are what i would like to use. they look super cute :) i would definitely want to put them in the living room,where my aptmates and i live, so everyone who visits can see :) also because many of us lovee drinking tea and we get really excited when we decorate our place w/ cute items :]

  171. Karren H. / /

    These are so wonderful and I love the name Mini Mae. It reminds me of the sweet little sister of Anne’s best friend on Anne of Green Gables! I would chose the forest critters in the earthy set for my daughter to decorate her dorm room as a beautiful reminder of the great outdoors while she is inside studying away…I hope!

  172. Rebecca S. / /

    Thanks for sharing this post today – love Mae’s products! My daughter has just purchased her first home. It’s an older home – so it’s a "fixer upper" – she is busy painting and cleaning daily. I love the Forest Collection for Girls – this would be lovely in my "lil" Maggie’s room (granddaughter)!

  173. Leslie H. / /

    I’d love to win the Forest Critters. These are so cute, I’ve never seen them before. Might just have to go over and buy myself a couple of sets!

  174. Christine K. / /

    oh! This is all so sweet! I am glad i could discover her shop too!
    My favorite: Up Up and Away!
    I would stick ithem over my desktop wall to not forget dreaming from far away places! :D

  175. Jessica K. / /

    I love the "girly" forest critters, they are absolutely adorable! I know that I would have to use these somehow at my personal desk area. Maybe on a magnet board or my art journal or blog diary book… so many ways to use these cute stickers :)

  176. Pinar G. / /

    oh, love the up up & away. I would use on my laptop or on my notebooks. actually i could stick them everwhere.

  177. Holly O / /

    I would like the earthy forest creatures muchly. I am making a personalised journal/diary for my sister’s birthday and would love love love to add these little critters!

    Holly O

  178. Samantha T / /

    This would be great in my playroom.

  179. sahar r. / /

    i love love love "Up Up & Away" from the mini mae collection~ its a great way to for me to personalize letters when i keep in touch with friends in korea~

  180. Emily H / /

    I love the Up Up & Away set, it’s so sweet and romantic. The colors are perfect for a spot in my studio/guest room.

  181. Marilyn Hughes / /

    I love the "Here Birdie"! It would be perfect over the headboard of my bed where there is a massive blank space.


  182. Eileen / /

    I love the build a tree and the forest critters (girly). too cute

  183. Dian / /

    I love the forest critters – both the girly and the earthy. Since my daughter is 6, I would choose the girly so that I can share. She loves to have a photo album of recent events on hand all of the time, so I think I would decorate a photo album for her. If they stick to a wall, they should stick to a glossy book surface too, I think (hope). And I might be ordering the Twitter for Girls in the big size for her room – we have a large apple tree painted on the wall and it would be adorable!

  184. wendy / /

    wowie! i love the forest creatures!
    wendy c

  185. Caro C / /

    I would love to give the Tea Time set to my niece, Ava, who’s neurotic mother (my sister) won’t let her play with the real thing.

  186. Maddie N / /

    I adore the tea time collection! I would stick them to the back of my tea cupboard (yes, in my house tea get it’s own cupboard section because I have waaaay too many kinds of tea lol).

    Madeline N

  187. Cait G. / /

    Clearly, <I>clearly the dinosaurs would be the greatest thing to ever happen to my kitchen cabinets, EVER.

  188. Diana Brennan / /

    What a wonderful giveaway! I adore her things. I would love to own the Forest Critters (Earthy). I would use them to dress up the IKEA storage drawers in my office.

  189. Kelly Ann T. / /

    I would like the dinosaurs for Holt’s room

  190. Christy H. / /

    Oh, so tough! I must say the girly alphabet collection is my favourite. Those colour combinations make me swoon!

    Thanks to Mae for the give-a-way! :)

  191. Christy H. / /

    Oh, of course, I forgot, where would they go? On doors to let the enter-er know where they’re venturing. :)

  192. Saima A / /

    I’ve got to say the Tea Time ones are my fave…especially since I just finished baking 150 shortbread biscuits for my birthday today! They would be yummy with tea from this pretty tea set.

  193. youngmi a. / /

    i love up up & away. it makes me feel so happy and dreamy :) i’d put it in my bedroom so that i start and end each day with that happy dreamy feeling!

  194. Anna Halw / /

    Wow! So hard to chose. I think I’m leaning toward the girlie forest creatures. So adorable! They’d hang in my kids’ room.

    boololoventures (at) gmail (dot) com

  195. Nicole B / /

    Wow, these are beautiful! I am in love with "Tea Time." It would look adorable on the chalkboard wall in our combined kitchen/dining room.

  196. Bree C. / /

    I adore the Tea Time Collection. I would use them for a party! (girls only) thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  197. Isabelle Saunier / /

    I really love the girly alphabet letters…
    The will be perfect for my daughetr

  198. Grace C / /

    LOVE the Up Up & Away one! :D I’d apply them on my door, so I’d always be reminded that everything, even rainy day clouds, can be beautiful!

  199. Nem / /

    I would love to win the Build a Tree which I would use in my new office on my desk… or maybe above the fireplace in the living. It looks so light and airy, it’s like bringing a little of the outdoors into the house!

    Nem H (nemneivah[a]

  200. Laura M. / /

    Forest Critters! I love it.
    For my baby’s room. It’s the kind of beauty that I like to give to his life.

  201. Onedaybox / /

    Oh my hat how cute are these? I would love to welcome the "here birdy" stickers onto my desk. That way every time I I am working and look up I get to smile. They would definitely brighten my day and have fun playing on my wall- it reminds me of my cat- if she were a cartoon she would look like this!

  202. Mariel J / /

    I love the Twitters for Girls or Boys. I would use a set to decorate a blank wall in the hallway we have. I just moved a really cute green cabinet there, and it would be perfect! Then I would move then into a nursery when that time comes. :)

  203. Afi T. / /

    I love all that she has…so hard to pick one, but I’ll go for her "dinosaurs". So cute on a jar :)
    Thank you Ez!

  204. Montse M. / /

    It’s really, really hard to choose.But I definitely love the forest critters earthy !!! Good luck everyone! :)

  205. Jennifer D. / /

    They are all adorable, but my fav would have to be the girly forest critters. I have some white Kassett magazine files from Ikea (love!) and this would be a unique way to dress them up.

  206. sera holland / /

    I absolutely LOVE the mini mae collection! I would LOVE them even more if i could use the girly alphabet to write little inspirational messages or words up on my wall of my living room! I love how you can do something different with them each day depending on how you feel what is inspiring you right then! Really hope i get to be the lucky winner!!

  207. Carol B. / /

    I pick Forest Critters! I would put them on a painted piece of wood or canvas frame and hang it on the wall in my kids’ room like a piece of artwork and we can change the picture whenever we like. That would be so fun!

  208. Kate D / /

    I’ve been wanting the "twitters" for boys for over a year now… It is a one-day dream to go above my bed. In the mini mae collection I love the dinosaurs!! they would be awesome on my computer.

  209. Lily H / /

    I absolutely love the Tea Time set- my macbook definitely needs some sprucing up!

  210. germaine / /

    i would love to have the MINI Forest Critters!! on my laptop! im using a macbook black and it will look exactly like a scene in the forest, but at night of course!

  211. Ruthie MP / /

    I love the Tea Time set. I’d use them in my new kitchen jars!! :-))

  212. Rebecca W / /

    Oh… I’ve loved {Mae} for some time now… I adore the ‘Girlie Alphabet’… With two little girls here, it’s all about pastels and polka dots… Keep up the AMAZING work {Mae}!

  213. Emma H / /

    Oooh I love the girly forest creatures. I would put it near my bedroom window so they can look outside!


  214. Jennie B. / /

    They are all so adorable but I really love the girly forest critters!!- Jennie B.

  215. Meagan v. / /

    love the forest critters…so cute!…I too would use them above the headboard and by the baseboards of my 1 yr old daughters room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  216. Nicole R. / /

    How fun! My favorite is the Girly Alphabet letters and I could use them as part of signage/decor for my friends girly baby shower!

  217. Allison C / /

    I’ve just had a retro-style pantry built in my kitchen. I am going for a vintage look and TEATIME would be perfect.

  218. Creative Coquette / /

    Zarina K.

    Forest Critters -Girly, especially with the Build a Tree is so yummy!

    I would use them on the large white dresser in my studio used to store my craft supplies.

    So sweet!

  219. Alisa Marie / /

    I think that build a tree is to die for!!!! I can’t get enough of it! I think i love love love how its placed on the computer like that… i will probably be doing this. oh… the possibilities! I also really love her larger wall collages, I will definitely be coming back to her site when I start to decorate a baby room.

  220. Chantele C / /

    I love the TeaTime set I would love to put it up in my kitchen, maybe on my fridge. I had to get rid of my last fridge, coz it broke but it means I lost all the cow print patches I had attached to it too!

  221. Natosha H / /

    Oh, I love the alphabet stickers! Either would be wonderful … I’m planning on using the alphabet to decorate our someday nursery!

  222. Miriam Sappington / /

    After looking through them all – it was so hard to choose – but I am in love with the ‘Up, Up, and Away! ! I adore the hot air balloons. I would add them to some decorative paper, frame them up, and hang them in the kids room, where we could all enjoy them. Thank you for the chance to win!

  223. NikkiG / /

    I fancy the up up and away so very much….I would put them in my kiddos’ room and maybe steal a couple for my moleskines.

  224. Monika O / /

    I love the Here birdy collection.I would put them next to my night table :)

  225. amyk / /

    i LOVE the dinosaur stickers. they’d dress up the lid of my macbook nicely.

  226. Charlotte T / /

    I would love Up Up and Away. I would put it on my macbook, or even my regular hilroy notebook!

  227. Emma Angel / /

    I love love love the teapots! and also the tree! oxo

  228. Laura W / /

    I would love the dinosaurs! I would put them in my son’s room on the boxes holding his "treasures" (rocks, bits of things he found outside, etc.)

  229. Zoe S / /

    WOW! these are awesome!!

    I love the forest critters

    I am due my first (long awaited) baby during the summer. So I would use them in my babies, soon to be nursery.

    How lovely!!
    Zoe xox

  230. Chelsea R / /

    Such a great giveaway Ez! I’m another one who just loves the forest critters. I’d love to try decorating my sewing machine with them for a little fun as I’m sewing away!

  231. Melissa B / /

    I LOVE the build a tree layout! I’m getting married in a week and would LOVE to decorate our new space together with a tree, we could put pictures of the family at the wedding, kind of like a "family tree". I’m getting giddy just thinking about it!!

  232. BrennenB / /

    I LOVE the Forest Critters (earthy) set. Too cute! I would put them in my kitchen.

  233. Hannah H / /

    I am in love with the girly alphabet letters…there is a place on my bedroom wall waiting to be filled with random words :)

  234. Heather / /

    I love the Up Up & Away set. They would go on my computer.

  235. Paula / /

    This is the first time I have seen this artist. I love everything but my favorite is the girly forest creatures. It would definately go in my daughter’s room, which has a vintage forest them. Fun! TY!

  236. Marie Stewart / /

    Up, Up and Away…very pretty.

  237. Georgia Cavalcante / /

    What a great giveway!
    Thanks for the chance! =)
    I’m dying to put "up up & away" in my room. :)

  238. Heather / /

    I love the girly forest critters! I have never seen such great things!

  239. Paula / /

    I’ve been wanting to upcycle a leather binder I have and these will work perfectly. I love the tree and the woodland creatures…just perfect!

  240. Elle F / /

    I would like to have the girly critters as I would use them to decorate my tiny cubical at work.

  241. Alyssa O. / /

    Looking through the collections, my eyes (& heart) stopped at Up Up & Away. The designs on the clouds are so lovely! I would place them on my laptop.

  242. Maggie L / /

    So hard to choose – they are all so divine! If I had to choose, I’d say the Forest Critters Earthy – absolutely gorgeous! I’d put them in my daughter’s room (just above her desk) – so she could look at it while she’s doing her work!

  243. Alison T / /

    without a doubt I would choose the tea time set stickers to put on my mac, I was thinking how it looks too plain and I need to find me some of these vinyl stickers! perfect!

    *crossing fingers*

  244. Hristina M / /

    I would love the "Tea Time" collection. It will be great for my collection of jars, tins and boxes with fine tea. :))

  245. Sydney .B. / /

    i love the forest critters! i would use them in my bedroom for sure :)

  246. Jess S / /

    I love the earthy set of forest critters!

  247. Alicia R / /

    I love the Up, Up and Away. I´d use it for inspiration in my office.

  248. Bridget C. / /

    I am in love with the forest critters (girly) they are so cute! I liked the idea of putting them on a laptop :)

  249. Felicia L / /

    I love them all, they are so beautiful! But I think my favorite is Tea Time…perfect for decorating the armoire in my little girls room

  250. Lin M / /

    How is it possible I have never heard of the Mini Mae stickers before?! I love these. I want the forest critters (girly). My daughter and I recently moved & I have been looking for art pieces to decorate our new place. I would love to do something with these for her room.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Lin M

  251. Roberta P. / /

    I love the "Up, Up and Away" because my son works in aviation and I’d love to give these to my son and his new wife for their 1st anniversary this June…cool beans:}
    Fondly, Roberta P.

  252. Sandy / /

    I love the "up up & away" set! I would decorate the top of our newly renovated basement bathroom mirror with these!

  253. Rina K. / /

    I love the Up Up & Away sticker set! I’d put them right above my worktable so I would have something to cheer me up every time I look up from my work.

  254. Sheila E. / /

    I love everything you make! The "Have Tea" set is just darling, and would be so cool in my kitchen!! I’d love it! Great idea and rock on!!


  255. odette b. / /

    ohhh, everything’s so beautiful it’s difficult to pick a favorite!
    i would love the forest critters for my craft room though. ^-^

  256. sara s / /

    forest critters! or tatoo flash….can’t decide, love them all!

  257. Rebecca B / /

    It is all so cute! I love the alphabet (girly) for my daughters. I’m trying to create a new play space for them and this would be perfect as a sign for them.

  258. Erin H. / /

    I would LOVE the forest critters (girly). I would decorate around my office desk space area to bring the outdoors inside, in a whimsical wonderful way!

  259. val A / /

    I do love Boy’s Forest Critters, I would offer it to my sister, for her new born baby.

  260. ashleylynnfry / /

    Oh my goodness these are amazing! I’ve been looking for something like this for months & even thought of making my own but no more! Wooo!

    I LOVE the "Build a Tree" and the "Up Up & Away" sets! It would be wonderful to win but if not I’ll probably purchase!

    Woo! Thanks for sharing :)

  261. Hannah Mae Frisby / /

    I would love the dinosaur set. My friends call me the velociraptor as I can do a near perfect impression of one… and beg me to do it often.

    you can view it first hand here:

    I would put the stickers in my living room near the sitting area so my room-mates can laugh at it as well as friends who come over.

  262. Ashleigh M / /

    I adore the girly forest critters! I would use them to decorate the wall above my daughter’s bed.

  263. Zime / /

    Tea time, tea time!!! I love it!! I would use them everywhere!

  264. Sophie L. / /

    I love the ‘Dinosaurs’ collection! I would put one dinosaur on my alarm clock so that in the morning I would have something that makes me happy to start my morning off right :)

  265. Renay Alpers / /

    Oooooh! I jut love them all, but I especially love the girly forest critters. I would totally adore them in my crafty room to inspire me and keep me company!

  266. Marianna B / /

    I love the alphabet (nautical) and it would look great in my son’s room

  267. flybabymom / /

    I love the Build a Tree set–and I love the application she made, on her laptop. That would be so fun! (And so far outside of what I usually do, but it’s the time in my life to try new things and walk a bit outside my norm.)

  268. Tiffany O / /

    Forest Critters! I would probably use it on my laptop – it looks tooooo cute :)

  269. cath / /

    I’d use the lovely lovely ‘up up and away’ for my macbook

  270. shelia / /

    Would love to win the forrest critters. Thanks so much for this opportunity. Super Cute!

  271. allison / /

    the girly forest critters have stolen my heart. they’re so cute! i’d love to use them on picture frames and on my dresser.

  272. Sara W / /

    I love the Forest Critters (earthy)! So cute!

  273. Esther / /

    I would LOVE the forest critters (girly) one! my mac is itching for some decorations :)

  274. amanda b. / /

    Oh, this is a hard choice. I think the "woodland critters (earthy)" are my favorite, but it just might be "up, up & away." I for see the woodland folk spending sometime in the bedroom, whereas the planes and what-not would probably find a home in the study.

  275. Anne B. / /

    I’m torn between Forest critters (earthy) and Up up & away. Would use on laptop or bathroom mirror.

  276. Lauren K. / /

    I would love love love to put the Up Up and Away stickers above my kiddo’s desk. So sweet!