One Good Thing: Brass Pencil Sharpener

I’m going to attempt to write this post without sounding crazy…but you should know that I am quite literally nuts for this pencil sharpener.  I purchased mine more than 10 years ago (in a little art shop in Idaho) and since then I’ve even gone as far as to say that it’s one of my most treasured possessions.

First I have to start by describing its surprising heft when you hold it in your hands – not heavy so much as hefty.  Sure the shavings tend to get all over, but the beautiful points in carves with the mere flick of your wrist more than makes up for that.  Before you write me off as a complete loon, you just might want to try one yourself.  The KUM Pencil Sharpener is only $5 at Greer Chicago, and it just might be some of the best money you’ll ever spend.  Anyhow, hopefully I made my point (har har…get it – pencil sharpener = point).  xox Ez

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  1. Melissa de la Fuente / / Reply

    okay, I know for a fact that you are not a loon! As you know, I have one too and it really is the BEST pencil sharpener in the world! :) Thanks to you!

  2. Erin @ / / Reply

    I love that you posted about this sharpener, Ez! I had the same reaction when I stumbled upon it at an art shop years ago. And when I re-discovered it years later, I bought as many as I could for In addition to the fine point of the sharpen + the feel in your hand, I love how it extends the life of my pencils, because expensive pencils is another obsession of mine….

  3. caroline / / Reply

    after 5 different sharpeners and a bizillion broken tips and stumps i have been on the search for the perfect sharpener. thank you for this. i am ordering it now.

  4. Daniella / / Reply

    I totally get it! I’m going to have to pick that up!

  5. Gabreial / / Reply

    I have an affection for office supplies myself, so I’m completely in support of this post. There must be a secret office supply society. I can spend hours in the office supply store. :)

  6. la la laurie / / Reply

    I totally understand this kind of love. I have a similar affection for a certain pen and paper that just work so well together. It’s the little things…

  7. Miss B. / / Reply

    Ah, this may be my favorite post yet! I love a great pencil point. I just bought a new sharpener 2 days ago but I can be easily swayed…

  8. Padgett Hoke / / Reply

    hehe! I love that you can describe – in a paragraph no less – the love for a pencil sharpener. That is why I love blog land and have such a connection with so many wonderful ladies, because of posts like this! I will never feel silly blogging about something I love because someone out there will appreciate it, and I appreciate this post because a good pencil sharpener is very hard to come by!

  9. Cheryl / / Reply

    So true! I use this pencil sharpener at work and it’s so easy and stress free, it makes my day better.

  10. Meredith from Penelope Loves Lists / / Reply

    This is so NOT crazy, I understand your love for this pencil sharpener perfectly. Why not love with passion an item that, time and again, gives you exactly what it’s supposed to give you, a perfect, precise point?

    I think we’re all yearning for that kind of consistency in everything we do/love/use.

  11. Down and Out Chic / / Reply

    you don’t sound crazy at all! being an artist, i can definitely relate to needing and utilizing a good pencil sharpener. thanks for the recommendation!

  12. Zom / / Reply

    Yes, I 100% agree about this sharpener. I have the one holed version and it is like a tiny jewel. It sits at the bottom of my pencil case and is getting a lovely patina and super pretty texture from the rough treatment. Perfect.

  13. Paulette / / Reply

    This sharpener is absolutely gorgeous. I love that it proves the point (pun intended) that beautiful things don’t have to come with hefty price tags and there’s extraordinary aplenty to be found in objects we usually consider quite ordinary

  14. grace / / Reply

    This post literally made me laugh out loud… And not because I think you’re a loon, but because I know exactly how you feel. I find myself getting some unhealthy attachments to my art supplies. ♥ But there are worse things to be addicted to, I say… :) So carry on with the sharpener love…

  15. Eve / / Reply

    You’re not alone! I have a Mobius+Ruppert brass sharpener that looks nearly identical to yours and it is one of my favorite tools! Anything that can survive serious art school abuse is worth it’s weight in brass.

  16. Ez / / Reply

    Awww…thanks everyone for your super sweet comments! I can’t tell you how much you’ve all warmed my heart! xo Ez

  17. Bonzie / / Reply

    I am literally hopping on my bike in like two minutes to go pick one up. I threw my old one across the room yestrday after breaking the tip off three pencils! Yay new sharpener! Thanks a grillion!

  18. AmberLee / / Reply

    you are totally speaking my language. i had a pencil sharpener i lost a year ago and have missed it terribly every since. i might have to adopt this one.

    oh, and i used to have a favorite idaho art shop i’d visit growing up–boise blue. it’s time I go back and visit.

  19. handmadecharlotte / / Reply

    I am always looking for a good sharpener! I have bought the fancy electric etc.! When I am homeschooling it takes so much time looking for a sharp pencil! I started to buy mechanical …so the lead rarely runs out! I will check this one out! Thanks!

  20. Chandra / / Reply

    EZ, your post reflects the very existence of my company, GREER, which is finding that beautiful little functional gem for our customers to enjoy. Well-written and oh, by the way, we’ve had a mysterious run on this sharpener this week. Also, if you’re crazy, then so am I. :) Many thanks for the post.

  21. Allyson / / Reply

    Thanks for this silly post about a tiny little pencil sharpener!!! I wasted so much money on pencil sharpeners for my Prismacolor colored pencils, but now I see you have found a solution!!! I have been using a pocket knife! Thanks : )

  22. Prudence / / Reply

    Wonderful sharpener. Just read a post on Angry Chicken on the topic and was compelled to post about my M+R sharpener as well. Thank you!

  23. Rob / / Reply

    Those Brass Pencil Sharpeners may be the best manual sharpener, but I can't imagine them beating a good electric pencil sharpener. The sharpeners from the past don't do a very good job because they were made for lead and thicker wood pencils than the flimsy brittle graphite pencils of today.

    I did a review and found the X-ACTO Electric one to be about the best for the money.
    Best Pencil Sharpener

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