DIY: Fabric Paper Tape

Over the weekend I spotted this ingenious idea on Maya*Made and it literally made me gasp aloud.  DIY Fabric Paper Tape…how incredibly clever!  Maya’s friend Kathrin first blogged about the idea and shared a tutorial for this awesome project on her blog Annekata.  You can find her original post right here.  The creative potential of making my own fabric tape has me all kinds of giddy (I’m trying it out this afternoon)!  Thanks Maya and Kathrin for the inspiration!  I can’t wait to make my own rolls of fabric tape!  xo Ez

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  1. Piper / / Reply

    WOW – how cool is this? (I love the to do tape – I need that!!) I sense a project in my future… :)

  2. maya / / Reply

    So glad you loved Kathrin’s tape as much as I did, Ez! The indigo bunting and flying crow are my own carved stamps- thanks for the nice feedback, Satakieli.

  3. Suze / / Reply

    LOVE this idea, how clever! (I have kept the peel off paper that was on the back of a quite large wall decal, I’m sure it will be perfect as base!).
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. Jen / / Reply

    Can you tell me what brand and type of ink you used to get such a clear image on the fabric?? I struggle with it bleeding when I try to stamp fabric.

  5. Ez / / Reply

    Hi Jen! Thanks for your question. Unfortunately this is not my project so I'm unable to give you a very useful answer. :-(
    You might try contacting Maya through her blog to see if she has any pointers she can share with you. Sorry I am not of more help. xo Ez

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