DIY: Faux Sheepkin Cloud Rugs

My clever friend Marichelle just shared an awesome tutorial for these adorable Faux Sheepskin Cloud-Shaped Rugs over on her blog Lifeflix, and I couldn’t re-post it fast enough.  The two clouds above were crafted for her daughter’s nursery, but of course you could use this project in any way that suits you and your home.  Head over to Lifeflix for the full tutorial.  Enjoy!  xo Ez

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Inspired Artist: Ryan Berkley

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  1. marichelle / / Reply

    awww what a nice surprise, thanks for reposting! I’m so glad you like them AND of course you can come over if miss fussy fuss jr acts up, I’ll convert her crib into a bed in no time :)

  2. Afi / / Reply

    OMG!!! I want to make these! So adorable they are!!! Thanks a lot for sharing Ez! xo :)

  3. Lili / / Reply

    what a fun DIY and I think I would also use those as room/nursery decor instead of rugs. cute fluffy little grey rain clouds!

  4. Leigh / / Reply

    those would be so cute in the bathroom! could you imagine stepping out of a bath and onto a cloud? divine.

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