Pencil Eraser Stamp Tutorial + Printable Manila Tag Freebie

Several months ago I got bit by the stamp carving bug (so much fun), but until yesterday I hadn’t had a chance to unpack my supplies following my move.  While blogging yesterday I had a random recollection of reading that you can use pencil erasers as mini stamps, so I thought I’d give it a go and share the results with you.  I’m happy to say that the project turned out well and was super easy.  For my first version I used some manila tags I had sitting around, but since I know that not everyone might have those, I created a free Printable “Manila” Tag download for you all to use with the stamp tutorial below.

Supplies Needed:

  • Standard pencils with unused erasers
  • Craft knife
  • Stamp ink or acrylic paint (for this tutorial I use stamp ink)
  • Fine-tip permanent pen (optional)
  • Other paper goods such as gift wrap, paper bags, note card, envelopes, etc. (optional)

Step 1: (optional) Using a fine-tip permanent pen (I didn’t at first and had to start over) create a triangle on the eraser tip.  Try to use as much of the space as possible.

Step 2: Using your craft knife cut straight down along each side of your triangle outline until your blade meets the metal portion of your pencil.  Please use extreme caution during this step.  I really don’t want anyone to cut themselves on my account.  Remove the three pieces that surrounded your triangle shape to leave the triangle stamp exposed.

Steps 3: If you will be using multiple colors of stamp ink, you will want to cut enough eraser stamps so each color has it’s own.

Step 4: Begin stamping.  Press your eraser down firmly in the stamp ink and then stamp design onto your tags in a pattern that you like.  Erasers can break with too much pressure, so practice different levels of pressure until you find the amount that feels right to you.

Be creative and have fun.  Triangle shaped stamps can be used to create so many different designs.  Experiment!  A few ideas: Pennant garlands, flags, teeth, grass, leaves, trees, waves, feathers, geometric designs, etc.

Gift wrap idea:  For some easy gift wrap I used a paper grocery bag and stamped a random pattern of triangles using silver stamp ink, then to keep with the simple theme I tied some plain grocer’s twine around to finish the gift.

You can use stamps to add interest to little doodles.  On this paper gift bag I sketched a little cake using a fine-tip permanent pen and then stamped some wee flags on top.  I filled the bag and then finished the design with a pennant banner along the top fold.

I hope you will enjoy making some stamps of your own.  I’d love to see your results if you do.  xo Ez

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If you’d like to share the tag printable on your blog (hurray), please be sure to link to this post directly and do not host the actual download on your site. Thanks so much! I encourage creative personal use of all my printables. The design/concept is for non-commercial use.

Credit: The paper birds that are seen in the background of a couple of the photos were custom made by Nicole Licht of Astulabee.