One Good Thing: Reusable Party Straws

I’m not really sure if you can call anything plastic “eco-friendly,” but I do love these Party Straws from Crate & Barrel and think their reusability makes them a more eco-conscious option than regular throw-out straws.  Pop one in your drink or use them at your next party for an instant pop of colorful chic.  Available in Pink and Orange or Blue and Green.  xo Ez

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  1. Meghan / / Reply

    I love this idea–I hate tossing straws every single day. But, I’m always curious how to wash the reuseable ones–run them through the dishwasher?

  2. Ez / / Reply

    It looks like customers on the Crate & Barrel site say that these can be was easily in a dishwasher. : )
    xo Ez

  3. hip hip gin gin / / Reply

    I love these! I actually have a couple of reusable straws but they are not nearly this cute. One tip as far as washing if you use them to drink smoothies rinse out with hot water the second you are done with your drink otherwise it is a nightmare to get the inside clean. All other liquids, no problem either hand wash with hot water or pop in the dishwasher.

  4. Karen / / Reply

    These are a great idea — I’ve been wanting to find an alternative to disposable straws!

  5. Jennifer / / Reply

    I second the post-smoothie recommendation… I’m glad that C&B has some new straws to replace the smoothie-gooped straws I bought from them many years ago. But they are a super replacement for disposables!

  6. Hailey / / Reply

    are these better than the plastic straws i remember from childhood that get bite marks in them?

  7. Karen / / Reply

    Gross!!!! There is NO WAY the inside of those straws get clean in the dishwasher. They are loaded with germs after one use! I’ll pass.

  8. Natalie Jost / / Reply

    We’ve had lots of these kinds of straws over the years with the kiddos and Karen et al are right, they get pretty gross if you don’t wash them out with HOT HOT water right after use. I throw away the kids’ straws after 1-2 uses because they forget to wash them and it’s GROSS.

    I believe, though, the disposable plastic straws we get from the grocery store are recyclable with our other everyday plastics. I’ll have to double check, now I’m not sure.

  9. gebrichi / / Reply

    Plastic straws have been around for years. I just think it didn't occur to folks to reuse them. And as Natalie says, you'd have to wash them thoroughly in hot water. I think I will stick with my paper ones as I can recycle these in the paper bin.

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