D.I.Y. Removable Fabric Wallpaper

I am crazy in love with this D.I.Y. Removable Fabric Wallpaper idea from Ruche blog.  I wonder how easy the cleanup for this project would be in the long-term?  I might just have to give it a try and find out.  They’ve also got some more fabulous DIY wall treatment ideas that can be found right here.  Enjoy!  xo Ez

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  1. shari @ little blue deer / / Reply

    Oh, my removable wallpaper? That is PERFECT for someone with schizophrenic style tendencies like myself (I like one thing one day, then want to change it the next!!). Thank you for posting!

  2. Jenni / / Reply

    I did this a few years ago with dark red fabric in my bedroom (I just had a *feeling* that the red wall fad wasn’t going to stick around). I used spray starch (though I like the idea of the cornstarch DIY). Light cotton works best, and you have to get it fairly damp to stick to the wall (I had callouses and hand cramps for days after using the spray bottle). I had some air bubbles, though I’d think a pattern would hide this problem. It stayed up for several years, and I absolutely loved it. When I moved out (it was a rental), I was scared to death it wouldn’t come off, or that it had bled red dye all over the walls. I wet a small corner with water, and started to peel it effortlessly. There WAS a bit of red on the walls, but it was easily cleaned up. I recommend it (I did it for one wall, and I’d be hard-pressed to want to do a whole room, it IS work to put it up).

  3. Molly / / Reply

    Hi there- you may want to check your twitter account- I just got a suspicious direct message from your account that I doubt you’d send.

  4. Dalena Vintage / / Reply

    I love this idea! I just moved and am completely broke, but what a fantastic budget friendly idea. I’m wondering about clean up as well though.

  5. Jesselyn / / Reply

    I did this at my old apartment, and while it is labor intensive it is soooo worth it. I loved having colored walls instead of white, and taking it down was a snap.

    P.S. If you use a squeegee to put it up you can get rid of most of the air bubbles. The way I put it up was to have my boyfriend hold the fabric at the top of the wall, then use a paint roller wetted with liquid starch to stick it on, then use the squeegee to get out any air bubbles

  6. Heather / / Reply

    I am about to tackle something similar for my rarely used guest bathroom for some whimsy. I can’t wait to tackle the project.

  7. Elizabeth / / Reply

    Love this concept and all the behind the scenes DIY projects Ruche posted on their site. Thanks so much for sharing this great find! I just love your site – it’s so inspiring :)

  8. BollyInstyle / / Reply

    Thanks for such great ideas…a big RUCHE fan! I love everything you post. You definitely have an eye for this stuff.

  9. Signature Paint Works / / Reply

    If you are the type of person who wants to replace the design of your wallpaper frequently but you worry about the installation expenses, then learning how to do it on your own is indeed a very good alternative. In this way, you get to blend the type of furniture and colors in any of the rooms in your house and feel the right vibe! Thanks for the idea!

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