Janice – DIY: Lovely Locket Links Necklace

Hello Creature Comfort-ites!

This is Janice from Papier Valise + the scissor variations blog.

As you are aware Ez is in the midst of her cross country move and I was delighted to be asked to contribute during her absence.

This is a quick + easy jewelry making project for all skill levels that involves basic jump rings, linking + lots of room for design personalization:

Gather Together

assorted lockets, jump rings (9mm shown)

basic jewelry tools (for opening + closing jump rings + *snipping off metal loops), tool for punching through metal (I used a **cropadile tool), additional decorative charms + buttons if desired, ribbon or decorative clasp

Open up your lockets so interiors are exposed.

Using a crodadile (or metal hole punching tool) punch 2 holes in each side of your locket–I used the 1/8″ setting.

Once you have all of your holes punched, open up your jump rings + begin linking your lockets together in a chain formation.

Before closing your jump rings you may wish to add an additional decorative element such as a button, or     charm.

Once you have determined how long you want your piece to be–will it be a necklace or a bracelet–you can add a clasp or ribbon for a closure.

Clip off the top metal locket loops with your jewelry cutting tool + your piece is ready to wear!

   * Snoop in the household tool box for tools that will snip off the metal loops

** There are many jewelry tools available for punching holes through metal. I used the crop-a-dile for this project as it is quite versatile–and I can use it for lots of different craft projects. I  use it to punch through stacks of paper when book binding, other metals as well as plastics.

Lockets used in this project:

two sided embossed oval

round smooth

open oval

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Text + Photos Copyright  2009 Janice Rusnak