Susy – Printable Photo Borders

Hello darling Creature Comfort readers! Susy here from SusyJack* and Hey Susy…and thrilled to be here, I might add!

Anyway, something I absolutely adore about Creature Comforts are the gorgeous, breezy color palettes that Ez often brings into my day! And CC has been a constant refresher this spring since it’s done nothing but pour with rain here in NYC  lately! So…my little diy contribution of photo mats with some of my patterns was inspired by the yummy hues that are one of this blog’s signatures.


You can download 8 x10 pdf versions of these photo mats by clicking on the link below, and then, just cut along the crop marks to create the window for your image- or, you can mount your image directly on top. Personally, I recommend printing them on a thicker cover-stock so they have a more polished look. Then, just fit them into an 8×10 frame, and you’re good to go! I hope you enjoy them.  xx susy


Grey Photo Frame Set > Download Gray Frames
Aqua Photo Frame Set > Download Aqua Frames
Images above, and more gorgeous nature photos can be found at Rocky Top Studio