Two Favorite Things + A Freebie

My Paris post earlier today got me thinking about one of my favorite movies, Marie Antoinette by Sofia Coppola.  Have you seen it (I’m sure you must have)?  The costumes and set design alone make it worth watching, but there’s much more to the film than that of course.  And I can’t really talk about Sofia Coppola’s work without mentioning another of my all time favorite movies, The Virgin Suicides.  Such a sad poignant film, filled with more wonderful costumes and beautiful haunting visual elements.  I think I might have to have a double feature movie fest this coming weekend.

While thinking about this post I remembered a simple cupcake doodle that I made a while ago, and decided to make a cute little sheet of printable tags for you all to enjoy.  There are 5 colors (20 cupcakes to a sheet).  You can use them for all sorts of things: gift tags, scrapbooking, place cards,  etc… you could even string them up and make a party garland out of them!  Download the Free Printable Cupcake Tags PDF right here.

Enjoy!  xox Ez

P.S. My weekly Blogs I Love post will be coming up tomorrow.  Sorry for the delay.  : )

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  1. ask / / Reply

    these movies and lost in translation were such amazing experiences… i never knew what their covers looked like lovely and dreamy!

  2. AshleyL. / / Reply

    Those are my two FAVORITE movies! Too bad we don’t live closer otherwise I would join you and your movie fest :)

  3. Suzanne / / Reply

    I seem to adore all movies by Sofia Coppola. Marie Antoinette was exceptionally stunning to watch. (Plus I LOVE the soundtrack.) I actually watched the DVD a couple weeks ago (for the umpteenth time) and whenever I do I always feel the need to snap pictures of the tv screen when I watch it, just so I can have stills of my favorite parts to look at again when I need some inspiration. (The shoes, the costumes, the scenery, the desserts, etc!)

  4. Jess / / Reply

    “Marie Antoinette” is one of my all-time favorites, too. This post makes me want to watch it right now!

  5. Casey / / Reply

    These tags are utterly darling! I think I shall have to print them and string them onto a garland (great idea, btw!). They’d look perfect above my bulletin board… Thank you for sharing!

    Oh, and I simply adore Marie Antoinette! I watched it recently, and drooled my way through the film. The clothes! The sets! The yummy pastries! *faints*

  6. Miss B. / / Reply

    Oh gosh ez, how weird, I just re-rented the Virgin Suicides yesterday. I love the soft, sunshine images so much…LOVE when you do more sketching! Ye!

  7. Relyn / / Reply

    Oh. Loving these tags. Thank you so much. Plus, I think you give me the kick I’ve been needing to watch Marie Antoinette. No idea why I haven’t yet. Happy Friday.

  8. Melanie / / Reply

    I love BOTH of those movies.Such beautiful movies, for two very different reasons.

  9. Sarah M. / / Reply

    Thanks for the tags. Virgin Suicides is one of my faves too. They filmed it in the Detroit metro area (where I am), and I always want to go hunt down the Lisbon house. :) I thought she would have been perfect to shoot The Lovely Bones because I loved her take on the 70s, but alas, it went to Peter Jackson.


  10. Suze / / Reply

    I just printed the cupcakes on A4 glossy paper and I’m going to give it as mini-present to my mum, more to hang the whole sheet as print than to cut out: I think they look great!Obviously, fully share your movie taste and I think The Virgin Suicides is an excellent novel too!CheersSuze

  11. Margaret / / Reply

    Last year I had an ice cream/cupcake party for all the kids I know. It was such a big hit that when I’d see the kids they would come up to me and ask when I was going to have another party. So I decided that I’ll have an ice cream/cupcake party every summer. These tags would be perfect for the party and I can’t wait to use them!! Thank you!! :)

  12. gustosa / / Reply

    i was trying to download the pdf but it doesn’t show up.

  13. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks for letting me know Gustosa. The file has been fixed now.

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