Free Printable Snail Stationery Set

Hello lovelies… this post will be my last for the week (I lots of packing to do).  I’m sorry to leave you without any link love or blog lovin’ for the weekend, but hopefully you will enjoy this free printable stationery set that I made instead.  Perhaps you’ll send some “snail mail” over the Summer. ; )

Download the Free Snail Stationery Set (download will begin immediately).

The Printable PDF includes:

  • 1st Sheet: 1 foldable note card  |  2 note flats (same design)
  • 2nd Sheet: Mailing Labels  |  stickers/labels/tags

For non-commercial use only please. Alteration of the file does not void the copyright. The PDF file is not intended to be hosted on your own site – please link to this post for the download. Please feel free to print out copies to share with your friends and family, and of course a little shout-out for my blog is always very much appreciated too! Enjoy! xo Ez

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  1. Sarah / / Reply

    I love these! Thanks so much!Best of luck with packing.

  2. Lucy C / / Reply

    I love the design – the snails are so cute. Thanks for taking time to share with is.

  3. Melissa / / Reply

    Uh uh! these are the cutest little cards ever hun! Thank you SO much! Gosh, I really don’t know how you do it all! You are amazing! :)xoxoMelis

  4. tifanie / / Reply

    oh how sweet!! i wish i had a color printer. why oh why did i get rid of mine? have a lovely weekend and trip. sounds like a fun adventure. i will be puttering around with the kids making halloween punch of all things (the kids got inspired by a book they checked out at the library) and calling in to see whether or not i have jury duty. take care!

  5. Melissa K / / Reply

    Oh goodness! Too adorable!..This is so dang cute ;-)

  6. Jujube / / Reply

    That is cute. I am sure to use it for gifts to little ones. :)

  7. SierraMoon / / Reply

    so very pretty !just what i love !i can’t thank you enough !!

  8. setyourselfonfire / / Reply

    that is such a fantastic idea! thank you so much!

  9. Concha / / Reply

    I just can’t get enough of your freebies! They are always SO cute!

    Thanks Ez! Happy moving!

  10. Spyder / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing. I will put a link on my blog when I’ve made something with them!

  11. Laurie / / Reply

    I’m not able to get the download to work. Is it still available? I love this set! :)

  12. Riris / / Reply

    I don't really like snails but your snails are cute, THANKS….

  13. She / / Reply

    so cute! my sister (who's been compared to a snail many times for moving slowly) will love this! :)

  14. katharina / / Reply

    hiya! I just stumbled over your blog! i really like it! thanks for sharing your snails :)) they're so cute :)

  15. Mabel / / Reply

    I have been looking for Snail Mail anything and found it here thanks so much as I send lots of letters through USPS and love these wish you would design some more thanks and keep up the good work on this site.

  16. Kirstie / / Reply

    I printed it and then wrote about this blog in my blog! (linking to you of course so they can download it) :)
    Love your work.

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