Valentine’s Day – Winter Lodge Edition

Hello lovelies!  How was your weekend?  Filled with awesomeness I hope!  I managed to almost complete my daughter’s room makeover and hope to have photos to share with you soon (though I have to confess to feeling a tad-bit nervous.  I’m no Martha when it comes to interior decorating).

Anyhow… I feel as though I might be seasonally out of touch with this post, but when I came across this Lumberjack Couch last night I had to scrap the post I was working on and create this post instead.  Something about it evoked such a lovely and romantic scene in my mind.  In it I imagined spending a cozy Valentine’s Day lounging in front of a fireplace, hot cocoa in hand.  Perhaps throwing on a pair of wellies with my boxer shorts when dashing outdoors to find love letters awaiting me in my postbox.  *sigh*  Wouldn’t that be sweet!


  1. No. 1 Love Me, Love Me flag garland (by the lovely Marichelle) at Wunderlust
  2. Lumberjack Couch by Olio United
  3. Double Axe Silhouette Brooch by Touch the Dutch
  4. The Screens Gone Plaid Boxers by Paul Frank  and Candy Stripe PJ Short at Forever 21
  5. Hunter Original Boots in red at Zappos