Free Printable Photo Holiday Cards + Labels

Hello everyone!  I hope you’ve been enjoying the 18 Days Series so far.  Today I want to share a little printable with you for some simple Photo Holiday Cards + Labels.  It’s not too late to send out a fun personalized holiday card.  Just print out these ones, pop in a special photo…and you’re done!  Don’t forget to print out the coordinated address labels and envelope seals to finish it all off.


Supplies Needed (to complete photo card):

  • Cardstock or premium heavy-weight paper (for card)
  • Standard copy paper (for envelope labels and seals)
  • Self-healing cutting mat
  • Craft knife
  • Scissors
  • Photo (sized around 4 1/8 x 5 1/4 inches)
  • Removable double-sided tape

Directions (for photo cards):

  • Print the card PDF onto cardstock or other premium heavy-weight paper (using a color printer).
  • Cut out your cards and fold them in half.
  • Using your self-healing cutting mat and craft knife, cut out the inside (white portion) on the front of each card.
  • Trim a special photo to fit inside.  Be sure to leave enough overlap so that it can be secured inside.
  • Using double-sided tape on the front edges of your photo, affix your image inside your frame, with the pretty side facing up (viewable through the decorative frame you cut out earlier).
  • Fill out your card and send!

Of course these cards would also be great without an inserted photo.  Fill in the blank shape on the front with a special message or draw a festive little doodle inside it.  Perhaps you might get creative with some glitter or other embellishments!  The address labels and seals can serve double-duty as festive tags and adornments to gifts and more!

Enjoy!  xo Ez

BONUS FREEBIE…if you head over to sfgirlbybay right now you will find a sweet little download and tutorial I put together for some festive candle wraps.  I hope you’ll like ‘em.  : )