Printable 2010 Pocket Calendar by Sam & Cheryl

Hello everyone and happy Friday!  I hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend planned.  For today’s installment of our 18 Days Series, Sam & Cheryl of To Have and To Hold have designed this awesome printable pocket Calendar for us.  I love the idea of printing this out and giving it as a gift!  Read on for downloads and directions from Cheryl & Sam:

We are so happy to share a tutorial on making wonderfully functional pocket calendars. These calendars are not only cute, but can hold your everyday ephemera such as receipts, notes and business cards. These are very simple to create and can be customized to make great gifts.

Supplies needed:

  • Letter-sized cardstock or premium heavy-weight paper
  • Double-sided tape
  • Craft knife (always cut with caution on a self-healing mat or other protected work surface)
  • Non-slip ruler
  • Bone folder



  • Print the first page of the PDF pocket calendar on paper of your choice. The template will have the numbers upside-down. Make sure to print at 100%.
  • Feed the printed page back into your printer to print on the back side. Different printers will feed paper differently, but just use the instructions that indicate the top to make sure the two sides are correctly printed.
  • Using your cutting knife and ruler, carefully cut along the faint line on the template. (Tip: To make sure you don’t cut into the calendar, you can use a pushpin to punch tiny holes at the corners, so that when your knife reaches it, you will feel a bump and know to stop cutting).
  • Flip the template over. With a bone folder and ruler, score along the three fold lines on the side with the illustrations. This will help make it easier for you to fold. (Tip: If you don’t have a bone folder, a used ball-point pen with no ink will also help score a clean groove for easier folding).
  • Fold the side flaps inwards, and add double sided tape. Carefully fold the calendar flap down to create a secure pocket.
  • Repeat for all months of the year.

Additional ideas:

  • Measure 2.5″ to the centre on the top, and use a hand-held punch to create a hole for hanging the pocket calendars. Use a pushpin to place it to a wall or cork board, or decorate with different kind of ribbons to give the calendars more personality.
  • To really bring out the different characteristics of the months, you can use various textures and colours of paper.
  • Cut a photograph and attach it with double-sided tape to create a personal photo calendar as a gift. The pocket can hold messages or tiny reminders throughout the year. If you choose to attach a photograph, do not print the illustrations on the back side of the calendar.
  • Write personal messages on the top of the pocket calendars next to the illustrations. This will really personalize your gift!
  • Use a round corner cutter to add a nice finish to the top corners.

The template is very basic, so have fun and make some pretty pocket calendars for 2010.
Enjoy, Sam & Cheryl

Thanks so much for sharing this fabulous download with us Sam & Cheryl!  To see more from these two lovely ladies, visit: