Today I Love: Delicate Details

These delicate details are the perfect compliment to the cup of tea I always seem to have in my hand these days.  In fact… I’m looking to branch out and try new tea flavors.  If you’ve got a favorite, I’d love it if you’d tell me about it in the comment section below.  

And now, onto the beauties…

  1. Radial Necklace II in Grey by Nervous System
  2. Spiral Pleats Dress by Emily Ryan
  3. Ruffles Note Set by The Paper Apartment
  4. Admiral on Leave Necklace by Muntedkowhai
  5. Lace Printed Pillows at Room & Board
  6. Collect and Carry Pouch by Forestbound
  7. Black Rabbit Sleep Traveler by Das Kaninchen
  8. Mosaic Oil Burner at The Body Shop


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  1. Jo / / Reply

    I don’t do hot tea. Cold sweet tea for me. But to change it up around here we add a little orange juice and a tad bit of fruit juice (like pineapple). It has been dubbed TNT (or tennessee tea) even here in NC.

  2. Sal / / Reply

    I adore that gray necklace, Ez. And my tea of choice is Genmaicha – green tea with toasted brown rice. SO soothing.

  3. kristen k. / / Reply

    i love this compilation! all the snow here has fine-tuned my eye to catch the intricate, delicate, sparkling aspects of winter – and this list is right along those lines. thanks for sharing!

  4. Megan / / Reply

    Oh wow, that dress is amazing, I’ve never seen anything remotely like it. Beautiful pieces!

  5. graziella / / Reply

    i love the pleat detailing(origami take) on the dress plus the greyish blue color is lovely. i love crochet ( selling some on etsy) and i’m just so happy to see crocheted pieces becoming popular again. the necklace (#4) is adorable.As for tea, my favorite is still Tazo’s Passion tea although I love Jasmine and Chamomille too.

  6. MsUnreliable / / Reply

    Such a beautiful collection, I love that first necklace! As for tea, I’m fairly boring, I love the ol’ teabags, but Brahmi tea is a nice change every now and then, and of course chai. I have some cranberry, rasperry and strawberry tea waiting for me to try too, hopefully it’s as good as it sounds! I’ve been meaning to make it into a nice iced tea (it’s hot here!) but I haven’t quite gotten around to it yet.

  7. Linda / / Reply

    Try a cup of Lady Grey tea by Twinnings. It makes me feel like I’m sitting in an English garden on a cool spring morning, listening to the birds waking up.

  8. Anna Glover / / Reply

    I found some amazing tea in a little shop in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

    “Roasted Mate Tiramisu”

  9. mint / / Reply

    such a lovely round-up! i’m always in favor of pretty, delicate details. the dress is especially amazing!

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