Free Printable Polka Dot Paper

I created these high resolution colored polka dot patterns a while back to use in some other designs and though you might all enjoy them in their simple form.  With this freebie you get two colors per PDF page, so each polka-dotted rectangle measures about 8.5 x 5.5.  These would make the perfect backdrop for handmade cards or note flats, and you could also use craft punches to create tags, stickers, labels (or whatever else suits you) from them.  Enjoy!

Rules and Such (a.k.a. the part I don’t like but has sadly become necessary):

  • If you’d like to share this download, please direct readers to this
    post for the actual file. Thanks in advance for your support. 
    Sharing is caring!
  • This and all my freebies are created for personal use only
    (non-commercial use).  This means you are welcome to print the file and
    create gifts for your friends and family with it.  You can also print
    as many copies as you wish for yourself.  Please do not alter and/or
    redistribute the actual file, even if it is not for profit.
  • This file is not intended for use as a background for blogs or social networking sites.  Thanks for
    your understanding!

You can find all of my freebies and tutorials right here, including my related Polka Dot Snail Mail download + Printable Seating Cards/Treat Bag Toppers. ♥ Ez

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  1. Melissa / / Reply

    ooh… KNOW I love that dove and lilac together! :) So beautiful hun, thank you SO much! :)xoMelis

  2. Leslie / / Reply

    These are really cute! Thanks so much for sharing. I don’t know if it’s something on my end or not but I was only able to get the second download to work. The first one doesn’t show anything? In any case…thanks again for your cute printables. :)

  3. Ez / / Reply

    Thanks so much for letting me know Leslie! I’ve fixed the file now. Please let me know if you have any other troubles with it.xox

  4. donna mikasa / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing the downloads! So very generous of you….

  5. Leslie H. / / Reply

    Thank you so much for all of these fun downloads. I love seeing what you create for us to have each time!

  6. Patty / / Reply

    Lovely lovely. For the “tart” recipes cards, I like how you made coordinating labels. I used them for baby shower cards; the round labels for sealing the envelope and the square ones for the addressee’s name on the front of the envelope. Adore!

  7. amy / / Reply

    hm, i’m still having problems, it’s crashing my browser… the second one worked fine though, thank you so much! they’re so lovely!

  8. Danee / / Reply

    I was given the link to this site by a friend who wanted to share your freebie downloads. As you asked, she directed me to the blog rather than give me the paper. I feel as if I discovered a treasure chest. Although I haven’t had time to peruse the site like I want to, I am already hooked. I love paper- it is my addiction. Like many, I buy lots of it as well as every paper- crafting magazine I can get my hands on and try to find and I read paper lover blogs. So a premature thank you for all the fun I am going to have over the next few days reading all your old postings and for the future postings that you will share with us.

  9. Ez / / Reply

    Hmmm… it’s working for me. I wonder what the problem could be? In any case I’ve emailed the file to you, because I don’t want you to miss out. ; )xoxEz

  10. Ez / / Reply

    Oh hurray! I’m so glad you’ve come by. Thanks for visiting and a warm thanks to your friend who sent you over!Have fun!xoEz

  11. Ez / / Reply

    Thank you for your lovely comments everyone! To clarify… I hope you will feel free to be creative with your download. I’m afraid I might have come across too strongly in the “Rules of Use” section. When in doubt, please feel free to drop me an email any time.xoxEz

  12. Alice W. / / Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing such lovely polka dot papers!! Love them!!

  13. Iva Yaneva / / Reply

    Thanks for the lovely freebie, not only this one, but the old ones as well :) I really love them – one just cannot see them and not print them and then not do something fun with them :) I’ll blog about these later today:)

  14. / / Reply

    I just found your blog from longthread and your freebie creations are darling and a life saver! perfect for little personal gifts. a huge thank you from those of us who love pretty things but are not able to make them ourselves!

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