Collecting Inspirations from Flickr and More

  1. Vintage Fabric Covered Note Cardskitsch cafe handmade (flickr)
  2. Pops of Color (magazine scan) – Anastasia C
  3. Painting the Living RoomKnitting School Dropout
  4. Bouquet Sash BeltJ.Crew
  5. Show PosterSmall Stump
  6. Floral ArrangementSmall Stump

  1. Woodgrain Letterpress Card Set and Distinguished Panel CardsGreer Chicago
  2. Sangria Butterfly and Peacock Swallowtail ButterflyBug Under Glass
  3. Vintage Paint by Numbers Horse Painting
  4. Tutorial: Flower CollarKatie Did blog (via CC reader Annie)
  5. Assorted VesselsMothology
  6. Birch Bark TubesSmall Stump + Studio Choo

Hello lovelies!  Sometimes when I start a post it begins one place and ends in such a different place that I am almost startled to see the finished result.  If you’re a blogger, do you ever find that happening to you too?

In any case, when I first started this post it was going to be a single image (inspiration daily), but then I quickly decided that I wanted to put together a collection of images that have been inspiring me (board 1).  From there I felt inspired to find some pretty products to go along with my photo pics (board 2)… and here you have it.  xox Ez

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  1. Melissa Brown / / Reply

    Gorgeous! I love all of these inspirations, and the items you picked to go with them. It is all so fresh….I love it hun, and now it is inspiring me!xoMelis

  2. Kristin @ Contented Me / / Reply

    I love those glass jars/vases from Mothology. A collection in a window sill would be so lovely.

  3. Nuit / / Reply

    Wow, this is truly beautiful, I am loving the J Crew bouquet sash belt!

  4. Amanda S. / / Reply

    The JCrew belt is GREAT! I just bought it a couple weeks ago- yet to wear it, but I love it already!

  5. 315thomas / / Reply

    gorgeousness… i love the horse paintings. and i’m really not usually a horse person at all!

  6. ashley / / Reply

    fabulous inspiration boards. i love the birch tubes from studio choo…

  7. Erica S. / / Reply

    I have a question: What program do you use to create these lovely posts with the combined pictures, backgrounds, and letterings? I’m interested in Graphic Design and visit your site daily. I love it.

    Thank you.

    Erica S.

  8. Jessica / / Reply

    I love those paint by number horses. I would love to get some, but every time I see them in antique stores they look like they’ve been painted with a kitchen knife (and that’s not good folks)… Sigh, I’ll keep looking. :)

  9. .amanda. / / Reply

    oh! vintage paint by numbers are my weakness.

    I have a lovely rose set but I am keeping my hopes up for a Boston terrier…!

  10. Down Comforter / / Reply

    Some great picks – #4, the flower collar, is so cute :)

  11. Drew / / Reply

    thanks for including the vintage fabric covered note cards on my etsy shop! i love all the other items that you chose, too.

  12. Dana / / Reply

    Your blog is so great! I would love to exchange links with you, please let me know!

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