Elsa Mora’s Blossom Buddies

Elsa Mora is another wonder who’s work and creativity astound me on a constant basis.  Her flickr album abounds with examples of her incredible talent.  Her blog is filled with beautiful personal posts about her creative process and more.  Check out her shop and you’ll be even further smitten.

Now Elsa has just introduced her first book titled, Blossom Buddies (releasing April 15, 2009 – and available for pre-order right here).  In this post Elsa shares her inspiration for her wonderful flower creations, and you can read more about the book itself and get some sneek peeks inside, right here.

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  1. Shannon / / Reply

    Oh, I love this! My grandma used to make “morning glory ladies” for me when I was a little girl. Unfortunately she passed away when I was only eight years old, and I have wished to see how they were made ever since!

  2. vicki / / Reply

    Omg, Ez…..those blossom buddies are so cute! Where do you find such creative things to post? :)

  3. Victoria Everman / / Reply

    Thank you for sharing this! I’ve been a fan of Elsa’s work on Etsy for almost a year, but this book is completely different from that style – and it is still great! I’ve already added the book to my Amazon list :D

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