Chic for Cheap: A Classy Birthday Look

Hello lovelies.  As you’re reading this I’m probably on my way to take our dog into the vet for her appointment.  Thank you all (each and every one of you) for taking the time to leave such warm and caring thoughts for us.  It truly means the world to me!  I’ll let you know when I have an update on her condition from the vet.  xox

Erin from Lucky Designs will soon be throwing a birthday party for her daughter’s first birthday and asked for a few ideas to go along with her theme of navy, yellow, and white daisies.

This one was kind of tricky for me.  At one point I actually had 4 different boards started with incomplete looks on them… but in the end I went with this outfit because of the dress.  I think that it has a great silhouette that is flattering for many different figure types, and the dark color means that when little ones grab on with frosting-covered fingers, stains will not show (very important, right).

Congratulations on your daughter’s big milestone Erin.  I hope the party is filled with all kinds of memory making fun for both young and old alike. xox Ez

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  1. Melissa Brown / / Reply

    Oh! How great hun! I LOVE that dress! So fantastic and surely Erin will feel lovely and classic in this!xoMelis

  2. Erin / / Reply

    Thank you so very much!! Everything is perfect. I must stop at the Gap this week.

  3. Kathy C. / / Reply

    How timely! I’m also about to celebrate my daughter’s first birthday in 2 weeks.

    Could I ask for an outfit inspiration in spring colors (think pinks, yellows, white, etc.) that are “running-after-child-and-managing-101-things-at-the-same-time” friendly? :-)

    Hope the vet visit turns out okay!

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