Martha Stewart – Behind the Scenes

{photos from Living}

This Behind the Scenes: Creativity at Work feature in the recent Martha Stewart Living Magazine, has got to be my most favorite article ever presented by their publication!  Take a gander and some of the incredible work spaces of her fabulous team of creative geniuses.  I’m comforted to see each person’s individuality so clearly displayed in each space.  Perhaps the rooms really are just cleverly staged for the photographs, but to me they truly feel used and like spaces where one could easily get lost in inspired thought. See more images from the article right here.

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  1. mary jo / / Reply

    Oh that bookshelf makes me so envious! I have a smaller version from ikea, but one day would love to have massive built-ins…

    Hope all is well with you Ez!


  2. Anne Sage / / Reply

    Wasn’t this article just awe inspiring? What I would give to be a fly on the wall of those offices!

    If they ever wanted to make a little extra revenue, they could start running tours! I would definitely pay for that—Though I might help myself to some ‘souvenirs’ from the prop rooms ;)

  3. Kendra N. / / Reply

    My favorite article too!! I loved opening up my mag to find this treasure trove of inspiration.

  4. Jill / / Reply

    I know, wasn’t this the coolest article! I am just loving Martha these days…

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