Resolution no. 2

Hello lovelies!  It has been so wonderful to be back.  Truly!  I missed you all so much!
Over the holiday I took some time for reflection and realized that one main thing missing in my life is time to create.  So my second resolution for this New Year is to set aside Wednesdays for just that.  I’ll still be around to answer emails and you can expect to see a couple regular posts on these days (I’ve decided to continue my Inspired by: photography series which so many of you responded so positively to), but the majority of my time will be spent offline crafting, creating (and probably catching up on a bit of long-forgotten housework).  This will make me a better, more inspired blogger too… so it’s a win win situation really.  : )

I can’t take off for the day without first mentioning some recent exciting news.  As many of you know (thanks for all of your sweet emails) Creature Comforts was just featured as an editor’s favorite blog in the February 2009 issue of Lucky Magazine (page 33)!  I am so incredibly thrilled and want to thank each one of you for making CC a part of your day.  This blog would be nothing without each one of you and I just want you to know how much you all mean to me.  Also a huge thank you goes out to Cassandra and Lucky Magazine for the feature! Have a gorgeous day everyone!


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  1. mary jo / / Reply

    Hello Ez, I just saw this over at coco + kelly–so wonderful–you would’ve been one of my picks too! I think taking time off for yourself is one of the most important things you can do, so here’s wishing you many productive Wednesdays!

  2. Kristin / / Reply

    Congrats! You should pat yourself on the back! Enjoy your crafting and see you tomorrow.xo Kristin

  3. Shanon / / Reply

    Yay!!! So neat! I bet that was super exciting to find. =) You deserve it, and more!

  4. Jo / / Reply

    This is one of my own personal resolutions, too. I hope we are all more creative and productive in this new year. And congrats to you. Well deserved.

  5. Suzanne : : S.HOPtalk / / Reply

    Good for you Ez…I think that’s a wonderful resolution. I hope to do a little of the same. Congratulations again on the Lucky mention–you’re always part of my daily inspiration! xo ~Suzanne

  6. please sir / / Reply

    Using Wed (which is considered the most productive day of the week) as your creative day is a great idea. I feel the same way – not enough time for “me create time.” I can’t wait to see what you come up with – and I hope to try doing the same!

  7. bellwether / / Reply

    a big hooray to you for being recognized!

    totally with you on needing to set time aside to create, i’ve been spending too much time looking and admiring rather than doing…

  8. cassandra / / Reply

    yay! thanks for the mention of my mention ;) hee hee. and i love your resolution. i think i need to do the same for myself as well! a day to catch up on emails, get organized, get out of the house, get inspired, design…. i feel invigorated just thinking about it!

  9. jennifer Ramos / / Reply

    VERY cool….! : ) You deserve it your blog is sooo cute!

    Jen Ramos’Cards & Prints You’ll Love…’

  10. Decor8 / / Reply

    Wonderful you!!! Congrats, but how can mags not start taking an interest in your beautiful blog.

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