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{IMAGE ONE} White Paper Doilies & Orange Thumbtacks photographed – by citypix

The most important thing about home decor is that first word: “home.”  My feeling is that your space should reflect who you are, what inspires and moves you… not just whatever trend is the latest and greatest (according to various monthly publications – not that there isn’t much inspiration to be found with their pages… but you catch my drift). 

{IMAGE TWO} First Row: Inspirations displayed on clip boards by O!Rachew!, Polaroid-Heart – by Daydream Lily Second Row: Twine and Antlers become sculptural – by Knitalatte11, this Empty Frame against the wall brings unexpected drama to the room -  by Amy Nieto

All this being said, I know that decorating isn’t easy, especially on a limited budget.  So today I’ve found a few brilliant ideas from Flickrites to hopefully inspire you to create something fabulous and personal in your home (be it an all out makeover or a simple hour long project).

{IMAGE THREE} Posies in a Glass Jar will always brighten any space – by Yvette Inufio

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Monday, April 28, 2008 at 03:00 AM


  1. Amy / / Reply

    omg those doilies are so fantastic.

    Oh, my white frame (that only cost me $3 and the horsie was 0.99 cents!)!!! I had to leave it at my brother’s house in vegas. Hopefully I’ll be back soon and mail it to portland. (it’s pretty big, though)

    Also, a suggestion about glass jars. At the last restaurant I worked at we served Antipodes water bottles. They are so simple and the body is just so sleek. I collected a few of these, and even though they’re still boxed up, I have plans to stuff them with flowers and pretty things! If you are served a fancy bottle like that, keep it, don’t leave it at the restaurant (one less thing for servers/bussers to clean!!).

  2. Jenni / / Reply

    I always say that my home is where I nest. Constantly changing that nest is fun…especially with the people I adore in it. With 4 cats, a silly dog, 2 kids and a husband, our home gets lots of love on a daily basis. Being oraganized and thoughtfully decorated keeps me sane! Thanks for sharing the fabulous photos..especially the heart over the bed.

  3. tifanie / / Reply

    sigh. you are so much better at collecting interesting ideas than martha stewart will ever hope to be. love these.

  4. Ez
    Ez / / Reply

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments! I love and appreciate each and every one!

    @ Tifanie… wow, that is the nicest compliment ever. Thank you so much sweetie!


  5. Bobbi / / Reply

    Wow. the pictures in a heart shape are perfect for my teenage daughters room. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Room Envy / / Reply

    The heart shaped photo display is just up my street…and the mirror too. Love the antique style

  7. susy / / Reply

    Ez…excellent post. not only are these fun to look at…I can actually see trying to come up with my own little decor inventions! :)

  8. Andrea / / Reply

    I want a followup post with doily details! Where’d the supplies come from? Closeup pics! Did anybody try that project in their own homes? And if so, any tips?I loved this idea since it was posted and am just now getting around to attempting it, so I’d love to hear more about it!!

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