Creature of Comfort: Livy of A Field Journal

{Livy’s Inspirations} 1. Judy Garland sings The Joint is Really Jumpin’ down at Carnegie Hall from the 1943 film, Thousands Cheer
2. Brooke Reynolds designs for oliver + s; they remind me of vintage pattern envelopes! 3. Reproduction of the circa 1960s Diana Dreamer Camera 4. 1940s Industrial Fan from Poetic Home, Photo by Grace.

Please welcome this week’s Creature of Comfort, Livy of A Field Journal blog.  I just love Livy’s perspective and all the beauty she shares on her blog (an through her work).  Sit with me for a moment and be inspired…

{Q+A with Livy}

What is one thing that never fails to inspire you?
School. If there’s one thing to be thankful for as a history and art history double major, it’s the continual scope for the imagination supplied by my studies. There never seems to be an end of visual inspiration – just last week, the paintings of Jacques Louis David, the solemn yet storybook-ish qualities of German Romanticism, the early days of Hollywood, the turn of the century Gibson Girl.

How are you currently incorporating your inspirations into your blog/designs/art?
I suppose my flair for the old fashioned runs deep, it’s why I study history and it naturally finds its way into whatever I do, whether it’s a Victorian style sketch or a post about the nineteen forties. I’m currently planning a re-launch of my Etsy shop, with more history inspired designs. I’m especially influenced by early to mid 20th century America and the revolutionary period of the 18th century.

What is your favorite indulgence?
Midnight baking. Occasionally my roommate and I make a late night batch of chocolate chip cookies, sit back in our cheery yellow ice cream parlor chairs and wait for our (slightly dysfunctional) ’50s oven to warm up the room. Indulging is forgetting about work, school and life’s decisions, in favor of sweets, laughter and conversation.

What are three creature comforts you can’t live without?
In late November what comes to mind are all things warm and cozy: my fluffy white down comforter, homemade hot chocolate, the pink patchwork quilt on the sofa and cream-colored cable knit scarves.

Do you have a personal motto or words that you live by (quotes and song lyrics are fine too)?
“You’ve got to accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative, latch on to the affirmative…”
Bing Crosby and the Andrews Sisters released a song late in 1944 called Ac-cent-tchu-ate the Positive. Every time I hear it’s opening lyrics I can’t help but feel brighter and most of all thankful that my complaints in life are really quite petty.

Thank you so much for sharing more about yourself and your wonderful inspirations with us Livy!  Have a fabulous weekend everyone!

Visit Livy at: A Field Journal * Natural Historie Shop * Flickr

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  1. Melissa Brown / / Reply

    Oh! I love Livy! She is an absolute doll and her blog and work are completely magical! I once bought these beautiful mushroom tags she made, with the intent of giving them away, but, I couldn’t do it! (hee hee) I had to keep them because they were so beautiful! So, thank you for this wonderful interview Ez and Livy, thank you for the amazing inspiration and your lovely sentiments above!xoMelis

  2. cindy k / / Reply

    i love livy’s blog and all she creates. it’s so neat to see a young lady reinterpret the days of old. wonderful interview!

  3. Sarah / / Reply

    Hey!! I have just found your blog and OMG I AM HOOKED!!!! I agree late night cookies are the best! they just taste better! hehe come by and visit my little boring blog!!big hugs


  4. Grace@PoeticHome / / Reply

    I absolutely love and admire Livy’s creativity and talent! Her blog inspires me everyday, and I am SO excited about her Etsy shop re-opening! What a wonderful and perfect Creature of Comfort :)

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