Creature of Comfort: Joanna of A Cup of Jo

{JOANNA’S INSPIRATIONS} girl looking out to sea : smiling girl in street : black bike : blue shoes

I’m so thrilled to have the lovely Joanna from A Cup of Jo as our Creature of Comfort today.  Joanna has a wonderful way with words and a kindness and warmth that really shines through everything that she does.  It doesn’t hurt that she also finds some of the most inspirational content in blogland!  (Psst!  She just got engaged less than two weeks ago… congrats girl!

{Q+A with Joanna}

What is one thing that never fails to inspire you?

Growing up, I was never very “outdoorsy” (for example, I hate camping), but nowthat I’m a grown-up, I love being outside. My favorite afternoons are spent riding my bike around the city, looking over the Hudson River, going to the farmer’s market or walking through the woods with my boyfriend (I mean, fiance!). Maybe it’s because I work on my computer so much, but getting out in the fresh air and feeling the wind in my hair makes me feel refreshed and happy.

How are you currently incorporating your inspirations into your blog?

My blog is a scrapbook of all the things I love–from cheeky photographs to wool sweaters to rowdy puppies. Every post is about something that inspires me–even if that something is young ballet dancers or a New York wedding.

What is your favorite indulgence?

Wine + stinky cheeses + my boyfriend = the perfect evening. We used to be huge dorks and record all the cheeses we ate in a little book, but we got lazy. Now we just eat and drink and be merry!

What are three creature comforts you can’t live without?

Method hand soap is eco-friendly and smells delicious. Hollyberry is my favorite. I adore linen sheets from Area; they’re soft, cozy and you feel fancy every time you fall sleep. My biggest creature comfort is collecting photographs from up-and-coming photographers. I have a flying car photograph from Matthew Porter and a photo of a little girl and her horse by Anne Hall. Displaying their talent in my home is such an honor!

Do you have a personal motto or words that you live by?

My mom always says “be authentic.” I try to remember her words, especially if I’m doubting myself; they make me feel stronger and more centered. Also, I loved the advice from Stephanie Congdon Barnes: “You can have the life you want.”  What a wonderful reminder.

It was so great to get to know you better Joanna!  Thank you for all the inspiration you give.  See more from Joanna at:

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