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As promised, here are photos and a short recap from my attendance at the Domino Bazaar this weekend. My sister and I had a blast laying on all the furniture and testing out the cushiness of all the couches (a major feat considering how many there were).  Highlights for me were the large assortment of vintage items (I swooned over the vintage industrial lighting and refrigerators), the product packaging on many of the smaller items (such as in the bath & body section), and the sweet little handcrafted softies (especially mr. owl).

Unfortunately many of the products were not labeled with vendor information, so I don’t have detailed specifics on most of it. But here are some of the vendors who participated that you might like:

More Home Decor, Magazines + Books posts 1 Comment

Today I Love: Porcelain Log Lamp

Create Your Own Unique Wall Art for (Almost) Free

One Good Thing: Winter Ice Canape Plates

Color Crush: Indigo + Oyster Blue

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  1. Annie Empiric / / Reply

    the Parker Palm Springs drugs sign! that vendor is lucky because you have no idea how many customers request something similar each year. great pix.

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