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For kids, the chic parents who adore them, or anyone with a taste for playful design, I’ve put together these fun groupings of items that are currently inspiring me.  Gone are the days of pastels and mass marketed cartoon emblazoned designs.  Today’s offspring demand sophistication, their parents demand style so chic that they actually want guests to see the toy bin… and even if you aren’t a parent (or maybe don’t want to be) then perhaps you can still see yourself turning on this adorable Owl Lamp cozying up on the couch with a cup of tea, and cracking open that fabulous novel you know you’ve been dying to read.  Style is style… whether for big or for small.


Playgroup 1:

Rocker Baby Black Trench (only $48 – wish they came in my size) by Rocker Baby, White Owl Lamp at Tiny McSmall, OiOi Black Floral Jacquard Carry All Diaper Bag at Pokkadots, Boodalee Double-Sided Circus Pillow at Fawn & Forest, Donna Wilson Creatures – Cyril at Design Public, Elaine Mary Janes by See Kai Run at Tadpole.

Playgroup 2:

Felt Cake in Blue (only $16 – what a steal) by Look Mama Made It, Quincy Dress in Red by Eliza Gran Clothing Design, Hair Ties 09 – sale by Shim + Sons, Rainy Day Kitty – Gocco Card Set of 3 (so cute as party invites or to frame) by Susan Estelle Kwas, Oswald – Happy Softie Fish (sold – other styles available) by Flora Douville, “Prance” Utilitarian Tote at Speesees.

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  1. kolibri / / Reply

    hi. greetings from slovenia, europe. i just love your blog. it’s such an inspiration to me! i’m wondering in which programme you make those sweet presentations of photos. could you help me with a hint? thank you.

  2. Ez
    Ez / / Reply

    Thank you Cindy and Kolibri for your sweet comments!

    Kolibri.. I create all my layouts using Photoshop 7. Hope this helps!Thanks for reading!xoxEz

  3. Melissa de la Fuente / / Reply

    Oh boy! That owl, that trench, that dress….that bag, that little print and that little fox! I love all these picks honey!~Yes, style is style…whether big or small! ( must.have.lamp) :)xoxoMelis

  4. i.d. / / Reply

    There are some really lovely clothing collections for children out there atm (I love that little red dress!) – I kind of wish they came in big sizes too! :)

  5. sarah gardner / / Reply

    what a lovely collection of things. we’ve got a show featuring some of donna wilson’s work coming up at black lark in october and her stuff is just wonderful.

  6. Sal / / Reply

    What ADORABLE picks! Kidless myself, I will dutifully pass along to my chic parent friends.

  7. erika / / Reply

    wow, that selection is amazing!! I loveallof it, but I really have to have that owllamp!

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