Two for Tuesday

Here are some cute little mini notebooks that I created for your enjoyment.  I revived an old illustration I made a few years ago, and adapted it for one of the covers.  I think they are both adorable (if I do say so myself). Download Free Mini Notebooks


  • Print the PDF at 100% onto heavy card stock paper (I recommend adjusting your printer setting to black and white for this project – not color).
  • Cut out along the outer lines
  • Fold cover along the center line
  • Cut scrap paper to fit inside (this is a perfect way to reuse paper)
  • Align paper inside cover and staple on the inside (with book opened completely)
  • Voilà… cute little books for all your note keeping needs!

If you’d like to share this printable on your blog (hurray), please be sure to link to this post directly and do not host the actual download on your site. Thanks so much!. For non-commercial use only.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008 at 03:00 AM

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  1. Meli / / Reply

    SO great! I adore these sweet notebooks Ez! And once again, you have endeavored to make this THE most gorgeous blog that is a warm and beautiful place to rest awhile. :)Thank you!xoxoMelissa

  2. ashleyd / / Reply

    oh thank you!! these are soo cute! i linked you (this post) from my blog.

    i’m not even sure if anyone reads my blog, but hey it’s worth a try!

  3. Grace@PoeticHome / / Reply

    What a delightful treat! Thank you for genorously sharing a fantastically designed notebook! I am in the process of printing it out and can’t wait to keep my inspiration notes inside of it.

  4. Cris / / Reply

    Thank you!!! Thanks for the download…the reader discounts… and for creating a Tutorials area!

    PS For the French Cameo note cover, it should read “Petites notes” since ‘notes’ is feminine. Just a friendly FYI. =)


  5. cecile / / Reply

    thanks for sharine, but your link isn’t working …

  6. Vivian / / Reply

    thank looked very nice to print too bad the link is down

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