Found It!

I love how everything is so easily connected on the internet.  Do you feel that way too?  From point A to point Z is much more easily achieved than through “traditional” methods of discovery (though those also have their bonuses). 
Case in point…

Yesterday I received a lovely email from a new reader and when I popped over to visit her blog I noticed this post featuring a fabulous interior shot, and in it, what appeared to be a screen printed poster of a crown.  I fell in love instantly and asked the blog author which publication it had come from.  She emailed me with a reply, noting that it is a room in Gwyneth Paltrow’s home (that was feature in the now defunct House & Garden Magazine). The quest was on!

The wonderful artwork proved to be a tad difficult to track down, but I did it!  It turns out that it is not a poster at all, but an intricately sewn art piece (those are buttons on there) by artist Ann Carrington.  I’m quite pleased to have found Ann’s work because she uses old discarded goods in new and unique ways creating art that is like nothing I’ve seen before.  But my discovery is bittersweet, because I am sad to report that I have a budget that does not permit me to obtain work such as hers… (it does give me something to dream of for the future though)!  So there you have it….
Isn’t the internet grand!

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  1. jen / / Reply

    I loved that picture, what an amazing piece of art. I was hoping it was a print/poster as well, but it will get filed in my “lottery” folder!

  2. kristen / / Reply

    Ez,Thanks for finding it! I will be praying at the temple of ez! Thanks! Anne Carrington’s pieces are amazing, but the crown is easily the blue ribbon winner!

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