D.I.Y. Wedding Bouquet

Since I started the day off with a post about affordable weddings… I thought I’d continue on that theme and show you this very simple D.I.Y. bouquet I put together today. 
All you need are flowers within your color palette, an elastic band,  a beautiful ribbon, and a glittery little bauble.
For a more expensive look try grouping several different flower varieties with a similar hue (look for an assortment of shapes and textures that will play nicely off one another)… or stick to one type grouped tightly together for a sweet and simply, chic look.

For this example I picked up two packs of beautiful daffodils from my local Trader Joe’s (less then $4 for all of them).  I pulled the flowers apart and then reassembled them together to give the bouquet the shape I wanted.  Then I rubber-banded the stems in the center (under where the ribbon is), wrapped and tied a length of velvet ribbon around the band (only $1.75 from a local craft supply shop), and finished the whole thing off with a sweet little earring that I picked up at a thrift store (only $1.50 for the pair).  Tada!  Easy and pretty… don’t you think?!