Inspire, Inspire

Inspiration… where do you find it?

-Magazines -Blogs -Objects -Music… etc.?

I want to know your favorite sources of inspiration!  How do they fuel you?  Leave a comment and share the love!

For product links…

-Photograph from Another Magazine (one of the BEST publications in my my opinion)
-Fire Opal and Yellow Diamond Ring
-Bourne Metallic Oversized Gem Flat Sandals from ASOS
-Multi Stem Square Zip Wallet from Orla Kiely

-Fonts used: Tiza and Champignon both free from dafont

Have a fabulous and inspiration-saturated weekend everyone! xox Ez

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  1. vanessa / / Reply

    I don’t want to sound too sychophantic, but your blog is very inspiring………… infact, I find blogs very inspiring, it’s amazing what people share, and they are so immediate and current. To me thay are a good alternative to magazines. I love to see the jewellery people are creating, and crafts in general. My husband gave me one of those Penguin book cover mugs with the title ‘Together’, on it………I

  2. laura b / / Reply

    My sources of inspiration come from so many places! Magazines, blogs, local art gallery, my journal, my photographs, and my garden.

  3. Melissa Brown / / Reply

    Lovely! Nature, my two girls, music, blogs( YOU!) :), magazines, quotes, my friends, wonderful artists/designers, so many!xoMelissa

  4. Courtney / / Reply

    Fashion inspiration mainly comes from people on the street. On my recent trip to Marfa, I came home wanting a new wardrobe!

    For everyday and interior inspiration, definitely blogs! It’s instant information and instant gratification. I’m constantly challenged to think outside the box by bloggers.

  5. Marnie / / Reply

    Absolutely magazines and catalogues, so many blogs I can barely keep up, eBay searches, design and art web sites, packaging, films and music videos, music- especially listening to and keeping up with updates of a handful of friends who are musicians, taking a walk up the canyon, when I lived in NYC it was on the platform and in the subway, in LA it’s usually walking down our strip of restaurants and stores looking at people: what they are doing/what they are wearing, and shows. When I get really stuck, I look back on things I’ve created wayy back when and think “oh, I did that”. That helps!

  6. joanna goddard / / Reply

    beautiful. i get my inspiration from blogs (like yours:) and magazines. and also photography exhibits at galleries here in new york.

    have a great weekend!

  7. Naked-Jewerly / / Reply

    Inspiration! For my jewelry, a good walk in the hills clears my head so that I can start visualizing how a new piece might work…I also love the spiritual power of stones and often choose stones that reflect the powers I need that day.And finally, I search the web and blogs everyday to see what is out there…so MUCH great talent! I am sometimes overwhelmed by the beauty of what others are creating! I take ideas I like and try to tweak them to reflect my own style.

  8. Alia / / Reply

    I’d say magazines, blogs (my most recent one), fabric, patterns, design, Jamaica, Spring, family, friends, New York. I think that’s all that inspires me! Your blog is one of my inspirations…just so you know! Happy Leap Year Day!

  9. bethany / / Reply

    Old Hollywood, music, magazines, blogs, family history, architecture, other cultures…yeah for inspiration!

  10. Elaine / / Reply

    I really like the look of your blog! I like the colors and shapes in the collage above. I will definitely keep reading, for a daily inspiration.

  11. Jelenie / / Reply

    Inspiration can really be derived from anywhere. At the moment, I’ve been watching every episode of Project Runway and it’s just really inspiring that every time I see a fashion show now or even go out shopping, I know how hard it is to design and sew that fabric to turn it into a wonderful and wearable garment. Magazines, movies and blogs like yours inspire me too as well as fashion editorials. :)

  12. Graziella / / Reply

    lately i’ve been inspired by blogs( i.e your blog, a cup of jo, oh joy!)…other inspirations are cutesy things, street fashion, flowers, the SoCal weather, Asian prints, food…

  13. Caitlin / / Reply

    drew looks so gorgeous! i was just admiring the gucci ads she’s in, and the ring you have here reminds me of the fabulous gucci horsebit cocktail ring i’m totally lusting after. your blog continually inspires me and thank you so much for including me in your links!

  14. Jane Flanagan / / Reply

    Traditionally it’s been magazines (especially high-end, then I try to recreate the look mixing high-medium-low pricepoints) or stores / store catalogues (Toast, J. Crew being notables).

    More and more, it’s coming from blogs and the street. I think the Sartorialist really woke me up to dissect what people around me wearing, and that’s inspirational in a much more aspirational way (from a body-shape and budget perspective).

    So it’s become a mishmash of everything, plus as I get older my own personal style is becoming a lot more apparent and that filters and shapes the whole experience.

  15. Jaime / / Reply

    Well, YOU totally inspire me (your blog is filled with so much eye candy)…along with a few other blogs. My friends and family also inspire me. Magazines used to inspire me, but since I’ve gotten into reading blogs, I find I’m not buying as many magazines anymore…lol The hubby is happy. Less magazines = more money saved…lol :)

    -Jaime @ “It’s A Jaime Thing”

  16. Cakespy / / Reply

    Blogs, magazines…but most largely, just by walking through the world with my eyes open, in the classic flaneur fashion!

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