The Season’s Most Steadfast Accessory…

I caught it… this season’s SUPER BUG.  Darn it all!

In the past 4 days I’ve blown through so many tissue boxes I’m sure there’s an entire mountainside void of trees because of me (sorry little woodland creatures).  My sinuses feel like they did when: in in  jr. high you perched on the edge of the high-dive, certain that your too large bathing suit would somehow magically transform you into a swan of dexterity and grace… but then you were brought crashing back to reality as you slipped, hit your head, and ripped your suit all in one… water lodging itself somewhere in between your sinuses and brain as you hit the water with all the grace of an elephant executing a triple-backflip .  Oh wait… did that only happen to me!  Oops!

In any event, for lack of the proper brainpower to compose a coherent or cohesive post, here’s my survival guide for this season of sickness:

-Chai Tea Latte
-Pandora Radio
-My Flickr Favorites (always a pick-me-up)
-Homeopathy (My Mom would be proud)