I’ve always had a thing for little collections of odds and ends (my most recent collections include twigs and seedpods)… so when I spotted these ready made “boxes of inspiration” I just had to share the love.  Aren’t they sweet!

Shown here are:
the Yellow & Green Box of Inspiration, and the Red & Gray Box of Inspiration both from Scissorspaperglue.

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  1. erin scissorhands / / Reply

    nice to see you over here at your new place!

    is the _ and the – the same as far as the feeds go? i don’t mess with feeds because i don’t know how, but my blog has 2 -’s and now i’m wondering about it…hmmm.

    great find! scissorspaperglue is one of my favorites :)

  2. Ez
    Ez / / Reply

    Hi ladies! Thanks for the comments… and good question Erin!

    When I first began CC (before I even knew what a blog really was) I had never heard of any sort of issues with _’s… so I unwittingly used one in my blog address. I have since learned the hard way that they are considered and “illegal character”… which is why many servers won’t “read” them (thus rendering the link un-loadable). Anyhow… as far as I am aware this problem only applies to _’s and not -’s. You should be fine using them. Whew!

    …Oh, and if you ever find the time, you should definitely look into RSS feeds. I was afraid of them too for a long time… but I’m completely addicted now. Instead of scrolling through my bookmarks that number in the thousands) every time I want to see if a favorite blog on mine has been recently updated… I can read all of them in one place, and they update automatically any time there is a new post. Hurray! Well worth it… and in my opinion Google Reader is the most user friendly version available. Best of luck.

    …anyhow, sorry for being so long-winded.Have a fabulous Friday everyone!


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