Advertising / Product Submissions

  • I’m interested in advertising…where can I sign up?
    That’s great! Creature Comforts is always happy to welcome new advertisers. Please note that we do not accept payment or products for editorial placement. For more on advertising opportunities contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you.
  • I’m thinking about offering advertising on my blog. Can you give me some tips on getting started?
    Awesome! We know that is a big step with a lot of questions involved so Ez has written a couple posts regarding getting started with advertising in her Guide for Better Blogging Series. You can find those here and here.
  • How do I create an animated ad?
    Ez has written a tutorial on creating animated ads.  It can be found right here.  Other Creature Comforts’ readers have included helpful tips and links in the comment section of that post, so be sure to give it a look-through if you are interested.
  • I’m interested in submitting a product for review, can I?
    I appreciate your interest, but at the moment I am currently unable to review any new submissions. Thank you for your understanding.

Fonts / Design Elements

  • What font did you use for the Creature Comforts logo?
    Our logo was hand-lettered by the talented Jo Klima of The Darling Tree.
  • I love one of the fonts you have used on this site… can you tell me what it’s called/where I can find it online?
    We’re so happy that you are enjoying the fonts used on our site. Because they are an important element of Creature Comforts and a lot of time and effort was used to select them, we don’t currently give this information out. However from time to time we do post about great free and low-cost fonts that we find online. You cand find those entries here.
  • I really like one of the design elements you’ve used/created on your posts. Can you tell me where to buy it/how to make it?
    Most of the in-post design elements used on Creature Comforts were created by Ez using Photoshop and are protected by copyright laws. Any design elements that were not created by Ez are credited with a link to the author of the design. Sometimes these elements are free resources available through the individual artist(s). Credit will always be given in these instances.


  •  Do you host giveaways?
    We are no longer hosting giveaways. If you are interested in having your business seen on Creature Comforts we would love to work with you on setting up a banner ad campaign or a custom advertising partnership. Please view our advertising page and/or contact us for our current rate sheet.

Images / Layouts

  •  I want to use one of the images on your blog…can I?
    We’d love for you to share original Creature Comforts images on your blog. We ask that you credit Creature Comforts as the image source along with an active link back to the original post where the image was found. Please do not include full post content and images in their entirety. When sharing images that have been shared on Creature Comforts that belong to another original designer/source please include applicable credit. Thanks for your support!
  • I love the way you do your layouts…how can I do the same?
    We use photoshop for the majority of our layouts. Originality is very important to us and the layouts and design of Creature Comforts are our creative expression and are not meant to be copied.  We hope that you will take the time to develope a style that is uniquly yours… just as we have taken the time and effort to do so with content on Creature Comforts. From time to time we will be sharing special tips, tricks, and freebies to inspire you in the process of growing your blog, so please check back for those updates regularly. Thanks!
  • Are the images on your blog copyright protected?
    All layouts and design elements seen on Creature Comforts are copyrighted. Individual images, objects, products, etc. are owned by their original author. All content not created exclusivly by us is credited with a link to the original source. For copyright information on these items, please get in touch with the original owner.
  • What camera/lens do you use?
    Ez currently takes the majority of her photos using a Nikon D300 and Nikon 18-200mm and Nikon 35mm 1:1.8 G lenses. She also is a fan of using the VSCO CAM App on her smart phone.
  • What program do you use to create your blog layouts?
    Almost all content on Creature Comforts is created using Photoshop CS3.
  • How do you create your color palette posts?
    We use photoshop to create the color palette posts seen on Creature Comforts. However if you don’t have photoshop available to you, there is a great Color Palette Generator (blogged a couple years ago) that you might enjoy using.


  • Do you include affiliate links in your posts?
    Yes, from time to time Creature Comforts may include affiliate links to products featured in our posts and/or affiliate banner ads. However posts and featured products seen on Creature Comforts are never controlled or selected by advertisers or affiliates. Featured items are products that we personally like, and would share regardless of affiliate partnerships. If you choose to purchase an item that has been featured from an affiliate link or ad banner, we may receive a small commission on that sale.
  • Do you have any advice for a blogger who is just getting started?
    Ez has written a helpful series called Guide for Better Blogging. The guide primarily focuses on assisting newer bloggers, and we hope you will find it helpful. If you have a suggestion for a blogging topic not covered that you’d like to see on Creature Comforts, please get in touch with us.

Have a question not answered in the FAQ?  Please feel free to contact us with unanswered questions and we will try to get in touch with a reply as soon as possible.