Insta Inspiration – 4 Instagrammers to Follow


Happy almost Easter weekend friends! I hope you have a fun few days ahead of you! To help start your weekend off on a cheery note, I’d like to recommend a handful of my favorite instagrammers with feeds that I love to follow. I hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do! xo Ez

Featured instagrammers @munsterrose | @biancacash | @leahduncan| @millayvintage

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Easter Inspiration by Photographer Nadine Greeff


Yesterday my inbox was filled with the loveliest email that came all the way from Cape Town, South Africa, from the wonderfully talented food photographer + stylish Nadine Greeff. Nadine recently shot a beautiful Easter-inspired session that I absolutely love and she has generously allowed me to share it with you all here today. Aren’t these rich jewel tones just deliciously unexpected and positively divine?! I can’t get enough!


Did you already spot Nadine’s great DIY idea in that top photo? If yes, then you get a gold star! Talk about an unexpected and truly easy way to dress up your Easter table this coming Sunday!


Find more beautiful work from photographer Nadine Greeff in her portfolio website and on Facebook too!

In My Imaginary Closet: Spring 2014 Edition


I’m a undoubtably a creature of habit, but lately I’ve been doing a little branching out in the fashion department…and it feels good! My usual solid black wardrobe is slowly being studded with bits of pattern and even tiny hints of color (gasp), and it no longer looks like a sea of inky black when I open my dresser drawers. I chalk this change up to the warmer weather (I’ll probably revert back to my old ways when the season turns chilly again), but whatever the cause, I’m having fun with this newly discovered interest. Now if only I could get my bank account onboard. Alas, this is not to be, so for today I’m simply dreaming of the pieces I would acquire if only I could. Have you been pining over anything special in your imaginary closet lately? Let’s help each other keep the dream alive, shall we! xo Ez

SOURCES: Makeup inspiration image | 1. V-Neck Tank | 2. Embroidered Shorts | 3. Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil | 4. Printed Pants | 5. Aviator Sunglasses | 6. Gold Chrono Watch | 7. Black Leather Sandals | 8. Arya Glow Booties